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All the very best funny jokes pagesLaffGaff is all about funny jokes and anything that makes us laugh - we believe that laughter makes the world go round; the world would be a much duller place without a sense of humor, wouldn't it? And when it comes to jokes, they don't come any funnier than these great collections.

So we hope you get as much fun and laughter from them as we do.

And if you're a true laughter-lover who likes their humor quick and to the point, you should also check out all our hilarious short gags here too:

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Good And Funny Comebacks To Insults

Good Comebacks

Arm yourself with these funny comebacks and never lose a battle of insults again!

Donald Trump Jokes

Donald Trump

Whatever your opinion of The Donald, he's certainly livened up the political scene. And these Trump jokes are hilarious!

Really Corny Jokes

Cheesy and Corny

Only the cheesiest, corniest humor in this collection. They're so bad you just have to laugh!

Funny Maths Jokes


You can count on these math jokes being rib-ticklingly funny. To sum them up, they're hilarious!

Funny Knock Knock Jokes

Knock Knock

Knock knock! Who's there? A huge collection of the best knock knock jokes, that's who!

Funny Golf Jokes And HumorGolf

Our driving ambition to make you laugh meant the quality of these golf jokes was a fore-gone conclusion!

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A collection of anti jokes that shouldn't be funny, but are!

Anti Jokes

Anti jokes are those where the listener is set up to expect a humorous punchline but the joke doesn’t deliver it. So they shouldn’t be amusing, right? Wrong!!! They’re hilarious!

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Funny Bumper Stickers

Funny Bumper Stickers

One of the joys of motoring is the chance it gives you to laugh at the funny bumper stickers people put on their cars these days. Yeah, some of them can be trite and cliched but some of them are just downright pure genius. So we proudly present this collection of our favorite funny bumper […]

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