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Collections of funny jokes and puns to make you laugh!

If you like funny jokes and puns, then you’ll love these collections of the funniest jokes around.

A selection of really funny short jokes for those who like quick humor

If you prefer your jokes short and to the point, then these are for you. A huge variety of really funny short jokes.

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Only the best Dad jokes here – so bad they’re funny!

A selection of the most cheesy and corny jokes for kids and adults alike.

99 of the cheesiest corny jokes for kids you’ll ever find.

A selection of jokes that are really bad, so bad you'll have to laugh!

You have to laugh at these really bad jokes. If you didn’t you’d probably cry

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Put your knowledge to the test with these free trivia questions and answers

Links to all of our fantastic free trivia questions and answers.

A collection of free bar trivia questions to test your general knowledge

Prepare for your next pub quiz by tackling these general bar trivia questions.

A selection of free movie trivia questions and answers. How much of a movie buff are you?

Put your film knowledge to the test with these movie trivia questions.

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Dastardly riddles and brainteasers to give your brain a workout!

Give your brain a work out with these fiendish free riddles and brain teasers.

A collection of really tricky riddles to tease your brain

There’s nothing easy about these really tricky riddles.

A collection of easy riddles for kids of all ages

Here’s a collection of slightly easier riddles for kids.

Insults & Comebacks

A collection of good and funny comebacks to insults

Never lose a battle of insults again! Here are 75 savage comebacks to insults.

The very best and funniest insults, burns and roasts

A great selection of mean insults to use on your enemies!

A selection of the best funny burn jokes

Want to know how to roast someone? Use these savage burns!

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A huge range of the best pick up lines

A huge collection of the best pick up lines for both guys and girls to use!

Interesting and fun facts to astonish and amaze!

Interesting and fun facts to astonish and amaze!

A selection of free quizzes to test your mind!

Put yourself to the test with these great multiple choice quizzes covering a variety of topics.

Collections of funny quotes and sayings on a huge range of topics

A large collection of famous and not-so-famous funny quotes and sayings covering a wide range of topics.

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