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Yoda greatest and so we thought we’d bring you these funny Yoda jokes and puns! Extremely funny, they are!

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Funny Yoda Jokes

Why was Yoda afraid of 7?

Because 6, 7, 8.

“Yoda, are you sure we are going in the right direction?”

Yoda: Off course we are.

What’s Yoda’s last name?


What did Yoda say when he watched Star Wars on Blu-Ray?


Why did the Star Wars movies come out in the sequence 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3?

Because in charge of sequence, Yoda was.

Yoda and Luke are walking through the swamp.

Part of their usual training course involves shimmying along a cliff ledge, but today, there’s a long break in the ledge they can’t cross.

“Something for this I have,” Yoda says.

He reaches into his bag and takes out a bunch of regular dinner table forks and a roll of duct tape.

He tapes several forks together to make a bridge and lays it down, allowing the two of them to get across.

When they get back to Yoda’s hovel, they find that some creature has chewed a hole in the fence around Yoda’s garden.

“Something I have for this,” Yoda says again.

Once again, he takes a bunch of forks out of his bag and, using duct tape, tapes them in to patch the hole.

Yoda and Luke return to Yoda’s home, where Yoda looks through his bag.

He’s used all his forks but one, he discovers.

“That’s okay, Master,” Luke says, wanting to be helpful. “I’ll write us a note reminding us to buy more.”

So he writes the note and uses the very last fork to pin it to the bulletin board.

He looks down at Yoda expecting pride, but instead finds a look of horror.

“Master Yoda!” he asks. “What did I do wrong?”

Yoda replies sagely, “A Jedi uses the forks for no ledge and the fence. Never for a tack!”

Baby Yoda’s first word…

Probably came after his second word.

I learned the name of Baby Yoda’s mother…

It’s “Yomama”.

What does Yoda call a shape with three sides?

A do-or-do-not-angle. There is no try-angle.

What is Yoda’s preferred seat on an aeroplane?

Next to a Windu.

Why is Yoda such a good gardener?

Because he has green fingers.

Why is Yoda the worst co-pilot?

“Yoda, are we still going the right way?”

“Off course we are.”

Han Solo is chilling in his room when suddenly the light goes out.

He tries to fix the bulb, but after an hour of laborious effort, he gives up.

He heads over to Yoda’s place to see if he can help. As Yoda opens the door, he spots a huge machine with flashing lights, beeping in the middle of the room.

“What’s this?” he asks Yoda.

“A cloning machine, this is. Your problem solve, it will.” exclaims Yoda.

Solo nervously steps into the machine as Yoda cranks it up to max. Smoke fills the room, and as he steps out, five Han Solo clones materialise out of thin air.

“That’s incredible!” they all say at the same time and they head back to Han’s place, walking together in an eerie unison.

With a combined effort they easily fix the bulb.

Afterwards, he knocks on Yoda’s door and thanks him for his help.

“Achieve this solo, you would not”, says Yoda, “only many Hans, make light work”.

What does Yoda say when he is drunk?

Dear me it appears I have imbibed alcohol in sufficient quantitiy to impair my speech.

What type of car did Yoda eat?

A BMW i8.

Why does Yoda have the best seat on the Jedi Council?

He gets a seat next to a Windu.

I asked Yoda for a two word review of Les Miserables.

“Lame is.”

What did Yoda say to Anakin on his wedding day?

May divorce be with you.

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