Funny Holiday Jokes

Whether it be Easter, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or any other occasion, holidays are a time to enjoy being with our family, a time of fun and laughter. And, of course, holiday jokes can certainly help out with that!

And you won’t find a better selection of funny holiday jokes anywhere else than those that we have here at LaffGaff.

We’ve got hilarious jokes and puns perfect for every holiday occasion. So read on and let the laughter begin!

Enjoy these funny holiday jokes.

Collection of funny holiday jokes and puns for all occasions

Holiday Jokes & Humor

New Year Jokes

Welcome in the brand New Year with a laugh and a smile with these hilariously funny New Year jokes and puns!

Hanukkah Jokes

Celebrate the Festival Of Lights with a smile and a laugh courtesy of these hilarious Hanukkah jokes and puns!

Dirty Thanksgiving Jokes

Spice up your celebrations with these dirty Thanksgiving jokes! Warning – adults only!

Clean Thanksgiving Jokes

These funny Thanksgiving jokes certainly aren’t fowl and there’s enough of them to sate your appetite for humor until you’re stuffed!

4th July Jokes

What better way is there to celebrate Independence Day than with these hilarious 4th of July jokes and puns?

Roses Are Red Poems

Roses are red, violets are blue, these funny roses are red poems, we’ve collected just for you! Enjoy these hilarious poems.

Valentine’s Day Jokes

Valentine’s Day may (luckily) only happen once a year, but these Valentine’s Day jokes and one liners are always funny!

Labor Day Jokes

A collection of funny Labor Day jokes and quotes to celebrate this American national holiday that traditionally marks the end of summer.

Father’s Day Jokes

What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than with a good laugh? So here’s a collection of funny Father’s Day jokes to help celebrate Dad’s special day.

Mother’s Day Poems & Quotes

Mother’s Day is a time to show your love and appreciation. Here’s a selection of funny Mother’s Day poems and quotes to help you do it with a smile!

Mother’s Day Jokes

A great collection of funny Mother’s Day jokes to help celebrate your Mom’s special day. We love you Mom, we’re only joking!

April Fools Pranks

Good April Fool’s Day pranks and jokes – the most hilariously funny pranks you can play on friends and family on April Fool’s Day.

St. Patrick’s Day Jokes

The very best selection of funny St Patrick’s Day jokes to help to celebrate the feast day of Ireland’s patron saint with a good laugh!

Easter Jokes For Kids

A selection of funny Easter jokes for kids, and big kids too. Simply the best Easter jokes suitable for all ages!

Easter Jokes For Adults

A selection of the best grown up Easter jokes for the holidays. Warning: these are Easter jokes for adults only; not suitable for children!

Anti Valentine’s Day Poems

For all you singletons – a collection of alternative anti Valentine’s Day poems that you won’t find in any cards!

President’s Day Jokes

Celebrate Washington’s Birthday with a laugh and a smile with these funny Presidents’ Day jokes!

More Fun And Laughter

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