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Make Sure She’s Dead

A blonde and a redhead are walking in the woods one day when the redhead suddenly has a heart attack and falls to the ground.

Shocked, the blonde takes out her phone, calls the police and shouts, “Help! I think my friend is dead, what should I do?”

The policeman who answered the phone says, “Ok, calm down and listen to me. The first thing to do is to make sure that they really are dead….”

There’s a silence…

Then a loud gunshot…

Then the blonde comes back on the phone and says, “Okay, now what?”

Job Qualification

I went for a job interview today. The interviewer said, “If you get the job, forget everything you learned in college. You won’t need it working here.”

I said, “I didn’t go to college.”

She said, “Well then, you’re under-qualified to work here.”

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