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LaffGaff is all about really funny jokes and anything that makes us laugh – we believe that laughter makes the world go round. The world would be a much duller place without a sense of humor, wouldn’t it? And when it comes to good jokes, they don’t come any more hilarious than these great collections of all our best jokes! So we hope you get as much fun and laughter from them as we do.

Best Jokes Collections

A collection of the most hilarious jokes from the LaffGaff website

A collection of the most hilarious jokes we’ve ever published. If you like funny jokes, you’ll love these!

A collection of the best clean jokes from the LaffGaff website

LaffGaff is all about funny clean jokes and we thought it was time we put together a compilation of some of our favorite ones. Enjoy!

A selection of really funny short jokes for those who like quick humor

If you’re a true laughter-lover who likes their humor quick and to the point, check out all our hilarious short gags.

A cracking selection of funny egg jokes and puns

We’ve come out of our shell to bring you this cracking selection of funny egg jokes and puns!

A collection of hilarious animal jokes

There’s a huge variety of animals in the world, which is great news for laughter lovers because it means there’s also a huge number of funny animal jokes and puns too!

Collection of funny holiday jokes and puns for all occasions

Whether it be Easter, Mother’s Day or any other occasion, holidays are a time to enjoy being with our family, and also a time for funny holiday jokes!

A collection of funny jokes about people

These hilarious jokes about people are sure to get you laughing. What better way to cheer yourself up than to laugh at others!

Collections of the best dirty jokes and humor, strictly adults only!

If you have a dirty sense of humor and like your laughs to be risque, then these collections of the best dirty jokes are sure to be right up your alley!

We have faith you'll find these funny religious jokes as hilarious as us.

We prayed to the God of laughter and he answered our prayers by giving us these funny religious jokes. So we have faith you’ll find them as hilarious as us.

Collections of the most dumb and stupid jokes and humor

All jokes are to some extent stupid, but it’s the really dumb stupid jokes that are often the funniest of all. Especially these ones!

Collections of really lame jokes to make you groan!

If you like really lame jokes, you’ll love these collections of awful jokes that’ll make you groan!

Pages of really funny science jokes and puns

Scientific research has shown these to be the most funny science jokes known to man. You’re sure to find them humerus!

A selection of funny work jokes

Work can be hard, err…., work sometimes but face it with a smile and a laugh and it’s not as bad. So enjoy these funny work jokes and puns.

Only the best one liner jokes made it into this collection!

If you like your jokes quick and clever, then you’re sure to love this collection of all the best one liner jokes!

An engaging collection of relationship jokes

Funny relationship jokes are always engaging (see what we did there!), and none more so than this hilarious collection!

A selection of funny yo momma / yo mama jokes

Really funny Yo Mama jokes and Yo Momma jokes. Yo Mama so fat, Yo Momma so ugly and many more. Never be short of a comeback again!

We publish a new funny joke of the day every day. Here they all are!

Here at LaffGaff, we publish a new funny joke of the day each and every day of the year. So there’s always a new daily joke waiting for you.

A collection of hilariously funny puns

There’s no discre-puncy here – these are hilariously pun-tastic examples of what funny puns should be!

A collection of the very best dumb blonde jokes

These funny blonde jokes are hilarious. If you’re blonde, please don’t take offence – just use word “redhead” or “brunette” and you can laugh at them too!

A collection of really funny Christmas jokes

Christmas is a time of great joy and celebration. And it’s also a time of great fun and laughter, as shown by these hugely funny Christmas jokes!

A frighteningly funny collection of hilarious Halloween jokes

It’s scary how good these hilarious Halloween jokes are! Make no bones about it, you won’t find any witch are better!

More Funny Jokes

A collection of good and funny comebacks to insults

Arm yourself with these funny comebacks and never lose a battle of insults again!

A collection of funny Trump jokes

Whatever your opinion of The Donald, he’s certainly livened up the political scene. And these Trump jokes are hilarious!

A selection of the most cheesy and corny jokes for kids and adults alike.

Only the cheesiest, corniest jokes in this collection. They’re so bad you just have to laugh!

A page of funny math jokes and puns

You can count on these math jokes being rib-ticklingly funny. To sum them up, they’re hilarious!

A selection of so bad they're funny Dad jokes

These excruciatingly bad Dad jokes are so awful you just have to laugh. If you didn’t, you’d probably cry!

These anti jokes shouldn't be amusing but they're hilarious!

Anti jokes are those where the listener is set up to expect a humorous punchline but the joke doesn’t deliver it. So they shouldn’t be amusing, right? Wrong!!! They’re hilarious!

A collection of the funniest knock knock jokes

Knock knock! Who’s there? A huge collection of the best knock knock jokes, that’s who!

A selection of hilarious golf jokes and humor

Our driving ambition to make you laugh meant the quality of these golf jokes was a fore-gone conclusion!

The very best and funniest insults, burns and roasts

Sometimes attack is the best form of defense and you’ve got to get your insults in first. So here’s some hilariously funny insults so you’re always ready.

A selection of funny jokes for adults only

These hilariously funny jokes for adults only are guaranteed to tickle your fancy and make you laugh. Definitely no kids allowed!

A selection of jokes that are really bad, so bad you'll have to laugh!

This selection of really bad jokes are so bad they’re good!

A selection of hilariously stupid jokes for kids!

Who says stupid jokes can’t be funny? You’re guaranteed to laugh at this collection of stupid jokes for kids and adults alike.

A collection of some of the funniest jokes ever!

Some of the funniest jokes ever – a selection of funny short clean jokes, longer jokes and hilarious one liner jokes. Something for all joke lovers!

A grate collection of funny cheese jokes and puns

Enjoy this “grate” collection of hilarious cheese jokes and puns!

If you like bleak humor, these dark jokes are for you!

If you’re a fan of dark humor then you’ll love these hilarious dark jokes. Not for the faint-hearted or easily-offended!

A collection of morbid jokes

Here’s another great selection of morbid jokes and bleakly black humor for all those who like that sort of thing. Weirdos!

A collection of funny coffee jokes, one liners and puns

We’ve bean brewing something here at LaffGaff  – that’s right, these funny coffee jokes, puns and one-liners!

A selection of the best and funniest music jokes and puns

They don’t come any sharper than these music jokes; they definitely won’t fall flat! That’s because they rock and are sure to strike just the right note!

A collection of funny Batman jokes and puns

The Riddler has his riddles, The Joker has his humor, and LaffGaff has these hilariously funny Batman jokes and puns!

A collection of funny Ford jokes

Wind up your Ford-owning friends and colleagues and give them stick with these hilariously funny Ford jokes.

A collection of funny Disney jokes and puns

Enjoy the magic of Disney with a smile on your face with this collection of hilarious Disney jokes and puns.

LaffGaff is known for their short, sharp jokes but here's a collection of funny long jokes too!

LaffGaff is known for their short, sharp jokes but here’s a collection of funny long jokes too!

A collection of funny Star Wars jokes and puns

From a galaxy far, far away come these hilariously funny Star Wars jokes and puns. They’re out of this world!

A collection of funny World Of Warcraft jokes

A collection of hilarious jokes related to World of Warcraft. Enjoy this selection of the very best WoW jokes.

A selection of the best funny burn jokes

Always come out on top in a battle of wits with this selection of the very best burn jokes to use as insults and comebacks when insulted yourself!

A selection of hilariously funny email addresses - all genuine!

Sometimes auto-generated email addresses can have unintentionally hilarious consequences. Here’s the best funny email addresses for you!

A collection of funny what's the difference jokes

What’s the difference between LaffGaff and other humor websites? That’s easy – we only publish the funniest jokes! And this collection of What’s The Difference jokes is no exception.

A collection of really funny bumper stickers for cars

One of the joys of motoring is the chance it gives you to laugh at the funny bumper stickers people put on their cars these days. Here are some hilarious examples!

Hilariously funny Confucius Say jokes

Confucius was a Chinese philosopher credited with many wise sayings. And now, of course, there are many so-called Confucius Say jokes that take the same form as his actual quotes.

Really cute jokes

Everyone loves cute jokes and puns; it’s impossible not to! And they don’t get any cuter than these pun-tastic examples!

We've tracked down these funny hunting jokes for you!

You can be sure there’s no boaring jokes here, only the most amoosingly funny hunting jokes. So buck up your ideas and check them out now!

A selection of the most funny jokes for kids

Here at LaffGaff, we believe you can never have too much laughter and so here’s even more funny jokes for kids (and big kids too, of course!).

Get a pizza the action with these funny Italian jokes and puns!

Wherever you may Rome, you’ll never find better Italian jokes and puns than these! They may be ever Sicily, but they’re still hilarious.

These funny pirate jokes and puns will have you hooked!

Avast, me hearties! Check out this veritable treasure chest of pirate jokes and laughs. No other could ever be a patch on it!

A high class collection of funny college jokes and puns

College days are a time to study and learn. And to drink too, of course! But also a time to laugh and have fun. Here are some hilarious college jokes to help you!

A collection of the best and most groan-inducing popsicle stick jokes

Popsicle stick jokes have a (well earned!) reputation for being some of the most groan-worthy jokes. And that’s why we love them! Enjoy these bad jokes!

A collection of funny military jokes and humor

Attention! We’re bringing out the big guns here – only the best military jokes. Okay, at ease. Enjoy this great collection of military humor.

Send your friends laughter with these funny SMS jokes

With the ever-increasing popularity of mobile phones and their apps such as Snapchat, every joker needs some short, sharp funny SMS text jokes these days.

A vintage selection of funny wine jokes and puns

There’s nothing to whine about with these wine jokes – they’re grape! In fact, they’re di-vine; a barrel of laughs!

A collection of funny guess what jokes

Guess what jokes we’ve got for you here. Yeah, you got it – guess what jokes! And guess what – they’re the funniest guess what jokes you’ll find!

A big collection of funny teacher jokes, puns and humor

Funny teacher jokes are in a class of of their own! A great teacher inspires respect and admiration. But they also know how to laugh too.

These funny school jokes and puns are in a class of their own!

These funny school jokes and puns are top class! In fact, they’re guaranteed to pass any hilarity test!

A selection of funny fart jokes for kids that definitely don't stink!

These funny fart jokes for kids and adults alike certainly won’t stink the place out but their awesome hilarity will definitely linger in the air. 

These funny choir jokes and puns certainly hit the right note!

There’s nothing off-key about these funny choir jokes. In fact, they’re perfectly in tune with our sense of humor, and hopefully yours too.

A collection of really funny banjo jokes and humor

Funny banjo jokes and one liners have long been popular among other musicians. And we apologize in advance if you happen to be a banjo player and don’t like banjo jokes!

A collection of really funny NFL and Superbowl jokes

A collection of hilariously funny NFL and Superbowl jokes to help you to celebrate the biggest sporting occasion of them all.

A selection of the best cowboy jokes and puns

Holy cowboy jokes! What a huge range of cowboy jokes we’ve got for you here. These jokes will have you laughing so much you’ll fall out of the saddle.

A selection of funny bald head and hairline jokes, roasts and one liners

Going bald can be a hair-raising experience! There’s not much you can do about a receding hairline though, but laugh about it. Enjoy our hairline jokes.

A collection of funny colonoscopy jokes

Colonoscopies are obviously a serious business but there’s nothing like a bit of dark humor to lighten the situation. So check out these funny colonoscopy jokes.

A stinking great pile of funny poop jokes and puns

We said we’d get all the best poop puns and we always follow through! So here they are – a huge collection of funny poop jokes.

Bad breath jokes tend to stink! But not these ones – we’ve collected together the best we could find just for you.

Bad breath jokes tend to stink! But not these ones – we’ve collected together the best we could find just for you. 

An a-peel-ing collection of funny banana jokes and puns

Banana jokes are so ap-peel-ing! So we’ve not been up to any monkey business. Instead, we’ve gathered together a bunch of the best jokes around just for you.

Yellow teeth might be rotten but while reading these yellow teeth jokes might be like being on the laughing gas, it definitely won’t be like pulling teeth!

Yellow teeth might be rotten but while reading these yellow teeth jokes might be like being on the laughing gas, it definitely won’t be like pulling teeth!

A collection of really funny pickle jokes and puns

If you relish the idea of pickle puns, then you’ll be pickled pink by these funny pickle jokes. They’re a really big dill.

Feeling bored? Never fear, these funny super hero jokes will come to your rescue!

Everyone loves a super hero and the only thing better than super heroes is funny super hero jokes! So enjoy this collection – they’re super!

A collection of hilariously funny motorcycle jokes

Out on the highway, with the wind in your hair. What could be better? Well if you were on a motorbike it’d be better! Enjoy these funny motorcycle jokes.

These funny short stories are sure to raise a laugh!

A collection of our favorite funny short stories for you to enjoy. Hilarious stories and jokes guaranteed to raise a smile.

A collection of funny insurance jokes and insurance one liners

Insurance is usually a serious business but not at LaffGaff! Enjoy our collection of the best and funniest insurance jokes and one liners.

A collection of the latest and greatest What Do You Call jokes

Quick and witty, What Do You Call jokes are one of the most popular types of jokes. Enjoy our huge collection of the funniest examples.

A collection of hilariously funny small ads to make you go WTF!

Classified adds provide a useful function in society – they let people buy and sell things, and they also serve the vital role of reminding us just what kind of weirdos are out there. Here’s a selection of funny small ads to make you go WTF.

Genuine funny newspaper headlines

We guess the newsroom is such a busy place that sometimes there’s just no time for proofreading the news headlines. At least that’s the way it would appear judging by this selection of funny newspaper headlines from various newspapers around the world!

A collection of hilarious church bulletin bloopers

Religion is a serious business but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its humorous side too. Check out our collection of funny church bulletins bloopers.

These classic jokes are golden not olden!

Some classic jokes are just golden not olden. They never grow old but remain funny throughout the generations no matter how many times they’re retold.

Funny signs of age and getting old

The top 10 funny signs of getting old. Age is a funny thing and so is this list! See if you’re starting to show signs of getting old!

Funny test answers - genuine exam howlers!

Genuinely funny test answers. A collection of hilarious exam answer howlers from students that make you worry for our future!

The best jokes from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The UK TV channel Dave compiles a list of the funniest jokes each year and announces its top 10 Edinburgh Fringe best jokes for that year. Here are some of the Edinburgh Fringe best jokes winners over the years.

A selection of unbelievable and hilariously funny Family Fortunes quiz show answers

The funniest game show answers – funny Family Fortunes answers from contestants on the UK TV show. Genuinely hilarious answers!

It's hard to believe these funny car insurance claims could be real, but they are!

Here are genuine excerpts from funny car insurance claims. People who submit claims like these probably shouldn’t be allowed to drive in the first place!

Genuine and funny things said in court. Hilarious!

Funny things said in court – a collection of excerpts from genuine court reports from the US courts. Absolutely hilarious and mind boggling!

A collection of genuine and hilariously funny complaint letters

A collection of genuine and funny letters of complaint to councils and housing associations in the UK.

Tell me a joke - want to hear a random joke? Here you go!

Looking for a good joke to tell? Visit our “Tell Me A Joke” page to see random jokes from our huge collection of funny jokes and one liners!

Here's a collection of funny turning 50 jokes.

Turning 50 is a big milestone but it’s also a time for some gentle, good-natured jokes and mickey-taking. So here’s a collection of funny turning 50 jokes.

This collection of funny ice breaker jokes has something for every occasion.

Funny jokes are a great way to break the ice in most situations. This collection of funny ice breaker jokes has something for every occasion.

Here are our top ten all-time favorite animated dog GIFs.

Here at LaffGaff, we don’t understand how anyone can fail to love dogs. Here are our top ten all-time favorite animated dog GIFs.

Funny news headlines - another selection of hilariously stupid newspaper headlines.

Funny news headlines – another selection of hilariously stupid newspaper headlines.

A collection of funny knock knock jokes for kids and adults too

Hilarious collections of knock knock jokes for kids, and of course, big kids too.

The funniest dumb blonde jokes. Including stupid jokes, one liners, witty jokes - every type of really funny blonde jokes!

The funniest dumb blonde jokes. Including stupid jokes, one liners, witty jokes – every type of really funny blonde jokes!

More Fun And Laughter

If you enjoyed these collections of the best of all our funny jokes, be sure to check out the rest of LaffGaff for lots more fun and laughter. We have a huge selection of trivia questions and answersfunny quotesquizzesbrainteasers and riddles, and pick up lines, so there’s something for everyone!