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These funny Frozen jokes and puns certainly won’t leave you cold! So if you feel like belly laughing, just let it go!

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Funny Frozen Jokes

Why did Elsa buy a new laptop?

Her old one was frozen.

What did Elsa do in her ice castle before Anna arrived?

She just chilled.

What’s Elsa’s favourite type of party?

A snowball.

Why aren’t there any balloons in Arendelle?

Because they let them go.

What type of phone does Olaf have?

A snowmobile.

What do you call Elsa when she locked herself in her room for years?


Why is it dangerous for Olaf to get mad?

He might have a meltdown.

Why does Sven hate pulling Kristoff’s sleigh?

It’s a bit of a drag.

Why didn’t Anna & Elsa’s parents teach them the whole alphabet?

Because they got lost at C.

Why does Olaf keep his money in the freezer?

Because he wants cold, hard cash.

Did you know there’s going to be a sequel to Frozen?

It will be called Defrosted.

What kind of birthday cake does Elsa like?

The kind with lots of frosting and icing.

What does LEGO Elsa sing?


What did Elsa say when she slipped and fell on the ice?

Nothing, she gave everyone the cold shoulder.

What is Olaf’s favourite drink?

Ice tea.

Where does Elsa keep her money?

In a snow bank.

Why didn’t Elsa see a doctor for her sore throat and cough?

Because a cold never bothered her anyway.

How does Olaf get around Arendelle?

On an ice-icle.

Why can’t you give Elsa a balloon?

Because she’ll let it go.

What do you call Olaf with a six pack?

The abdominable snowman.

How does Olaf make his bed?

With sheets of ice and blankets of snow.

All this ‘Frozen’ merchandise is just getting ridiculous.

I was at the supermarket earlier and they’ve now got a whole aisle just for Frozen stuff.

What is Olaf’s favourite Mexican dish?


Why did Elsa’s credit card get rejected?

Because her account was frozen.

What does Olaf eat for lunch?


I saw lot of kids wearing Elsa costume for Halloween today.

It’s been years since the movie released. I think kids should just Let it Go.

What do you call Olaf in the desert?

A puddle.

A Disney princess was arrested by mistake.

They thought it was someone Elsa.

Why was the snow yellow?

Because Elsa let it go.

In the first movie Anna was Frozen.

Now in the second movie Elsa is frozen too.

What do you call a dog that bites Queen Elsa?

A pupsicle.

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