Free Trivia Questions And Answers

If you’re a trivia buff, then you’ll love these collections of fun free trivia questions and answers covering a wide range of topics.

Test your knowledge and see just how smart you are, then challenge your friends to try them too! Have fun! And if you want more free trivia questions, check out our sister site Triviarmy.

Fun Trivia Questions And Answers

Animal Trivia

Test your nature knowledge with these animal trivia questions (with answers). Will you be the king of the animal trivia jungle?

Our fun free dog trivia questions may give you paws for though! Don’t worry though because the answers are included!

Are you feline knowledgeable enough to answer our fun cat trivia questions and answers? Find out now!

Art & Literature Trivia

A truly wizard and spell-binding collection of Harry Potter trivia questions complete with answers!

How well do you know the Bard? Find out with our Shakespeare trivia questions!

Discover your creative side with these free art trivia questions and answers!

Test your literary learning and book knowledge with our free literature trivia questions and answers!

Are you a poet and you didn’t know it? Find out with our fun poetry trivia quiz!

Celebrity Trivia

Our celebrity real name trivia quiz will test your knowledge of famous people’s birth names.

Funny Trivia

Ideally a quiz team name needs to be original, clever and also funny – and sometimes rude! Here’s a selection of funny trivia team names to help you out.

Check out these funny trivia questions with seemingly easy answers. Be warned – they’re not as straightforward as they seem!

General Knowledge Trivia

You can’t beat a good pub quiz, but if you want to do well, then you need to practice. So try out these free fun bar trivia questions to get your trivia game in top condition.

You’ll need to be a real all-rounder to do well at these fun general knowledge trivia questions and answers.

These pop culture trivia questions and answers will reveal just how in touch with modern trends and fashion you are! Find out now!

You’d have to be a real trivia nut to take on these seriously difficult trivia questions!

Sometimes you just need a little break from all the tough trivia questions. These easy free questions and answers are a little more straightforward than others.

If you think you’re a real trivia king or queen, then give these extra hard trivia questions a try and see just how good you are!

If you don’t know the answer just guess, with these fun multiple choice trivia questions and answers!

We publish a new trivia question of the day, each and every day! Try them now!

Geography Trivia

Do you always know where you are when it comes to geography trivia? Then test your knowledge now with these free geography trivia questions and answers.

History Trivia

Prove your American knowledge with these fun U.S. history trivia questions and answers!

Try our 80s trivia questions to see how well you recall the decade of bad hair and bad fashion!

Find out how much of a history buff you are with this collection of tricky teasers!

How much can you recall about the last decade of the 20th century? Try our 90s trivia quiz now.

Holiday Trivia

Test your knowledge of classic Xmas films with these Christmas movie trivia questions and answers. How many will you get right?

Test your knowledge of all things Thanksgiving related with these fantastic Thanksgiving trivia questions (with answers).

Test your Independence Day knowledge with these fun Fourth of July trivia questions and answers.

Relax and have fun this Christmas with our Christmas trivia questions. Who will be king or queen of Christmas trivia?

How much do you know about Halloween? Test your knowledge of the scarily popular celebration with these fun Halloween trivia questions and answers.

Kids Trivia

Why should the grown-ups have all the fun? Here’s a selection of fun trivia questions for kids, complete with answers.

It’s not just the adults who get all the trivia fun at Christmas time! Try these easy Christmas trivia questions for kids and see how you do.

Movie Trivia

If you’re a film buff you’ll love these movie trivia questions all about the world of films!

You’re sure to get a psychological thrill out of these Alfred Hitchcock movie trivia questions!

May the force be with you as you tackle these fantastic free Star Wars trivia questions!

Don’t be scared of these horror movie trivia questions! They’re lots of fun!

Think you’re a Disney expert? Prove it with these fiendish Disney trivia questions!

These fun Oscar trivia questions & answers deserve to win an award themselves!

Music Trivia

Do you think you’re a maestro when it comes to musical knowledge? Prove it with this set of music trivia questions.

Remember the fancy costumes and endless solos of progressive rock? Test your knowledge with these prog rock trivia questions!

Get your vocal chords all warmed up and ready to shout the answers to these opera trivia questions!

Rock on with these fun free classic rock music trivia questions and answers covering the golden era of rock music!

How much do you know about the Eagles, one of the great bands? Find out with these fun Eagles trivia questions and answers!

Science Trivia

It’s not rocket science… or is it? Overcome your inertia and see how you fare with these fun science trivia questions and answers.

Test your anatomical knowledge with our fun human body trivia quiz!

Sport & Leisure Trivia

Test your sporting knowledge with these free sports trivia questions and answers covering a wide range of sports.

Test your culinary knowledge with these tasty food trivia questions and answers that are sure to whet your appetite!

Are you balling when it comes to basketball knowledge? Prove it with these NBA trivia questions!

Are you a television addict? Find out by taking on these T.V. trivia questions!

Can you score a touchdown with these Super Bowl trivia questions and answers?

Strike while the iron is hot with these fun free golf trivia questions and answers!

Show your knowledge of the global television phenomenon with our fun Friends trivia questions!

Ready player 1? If you think you’re an expert on all things gaming, prove it by beating these fantastic video game trivia questions!

Test your Biblical and religious knowledge with these Bible trivia questions and answers. How many can you answer?

Bring back those happy childhood memories with these cartoon trivia questions full of nostalgia!

Only a true soccer fan will be able to answer these world soccer trivia questions!

Can you hit a home run with these fun baseball World Series trivia questions?

Test your knowledge of America’s game with these NFL trivia questions!

How well do you know the National Hockey League? Find out now with these free NHL trivia questions!

Multiple Choice Quizzes

A selection of free quizzes to test your mind!

Are you a know-it-all or a know-nothing? Test your knowledge and find out with our fantastic free fun quizzes.

They’re all multiple choice quizzes, so if in doubt just guess!

Share your results with your friends on social media, and get them to try and beat your scores!

Multiple Choice Trivia Quizzes

Test your knowledge of the Disney Princess franchise with this challenging multiple choice quiz.

Get your family together this festive season and try out this fantastic Christmas quiz.

Are you your local pub’s resident know-it-all? Prove it with our free general knowledge pub quiz!

Prove your knowledge of popular music with this fantastic free pop music quiz.

Just how much do you you know about the boy band 1D? Find out with our fantastic free One Direction quiz!

Test your superhero knowledge with our fantastic multiple choice superhero quiz!

This capital cities quiz will test your knowledge of the capitals of the countries of the world. How many do you know?

Do you think you know your factions? If so, test your knowledge of the Divergent book with this Divergent quiz.

How good is your astrology knowledge? Find out with this fun zodiac sign quiz.

Do you think you’re a Minecraft expert? Then prove it by playing this tricky multiple choice Minecraft quiz.

Put your knowledge under the microscope with our fun science quiz!

Are you a champion or a relegation struggler when it comes to soccer? Find out with our English Premier League soccer quiz.

How is your American geography? Find out with this fantastic free U.S. state capitals quiz.

Other Free Quizzes

Have fun putting your vocabulary to the test with this what word quiz.

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