Christmas Movie Trivia Questions And Answers

One of the great joys of the Christmas period is settling down to watch all your old favorite movies. But just how much do you know about the classic Christmas films? Find out with this great selection of Christmas movie trivia questions and answers.

How many will you get right?

Test your knowledge of classic Xmas films with these Christmas movie trivia questions and answers

Q. In “It’s A Wonderful Life”, what is the name of George Bailey’s guardian angel?


Q. Who provided the voice of Ebenezer Scrooge in the 2009 animated Christmas movie, “A Christmas Carol”?

Jim Carrey.

Q. In which Christmas movie does Buddy travel from the North Pole to New York to find his father Walter Hobbs?


Q. Who starred as Kevin McCallister in “Home Alone”?

Macaulay Culkin.

Q. In the movie “A Christmas Story”, what is the only thing Ralphie Parker wants for Christmas?

A Red Ryder BB Gun.

Q. Edmund Gwenn played Kris Kringle in which 1947 Christmas movie, a role reprised by Richard Attenborough in 1994?

Miracle On 34th Street.

Q. In which Christmas movie, does Jim Carrey’s character try to ruin Christmas for the people of Whoville?

How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

Q. In “Home Alone”, what was the name of Kevin’s neighbor who was played by Roberts Blossom?

“Old Man” Marley.

Q. Which black comedy from 2003 features Billy Bob Thornton as a thief who disguises himself as a department store Santa Claus?

Bad Santa.

Q. Which Cheers actor provided the narration for the Disney movie, “Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas”?

Kelsey Grammer.

Q. In which 2003 Christmas romantic comedy does the character Natalie fall in love with the British prime minister, played by Hugh Grant?

Love Actually.

Q. Which Hollywood actor played six roles in the Christmas movie, “The Polar Express”, including Santa Claus, the Conductor, and the Narrator?

Tom Hanks.

Q. What was Clarence the angel awarded for completing his mission in “It’s A Wonderful Life”?

His wings.

Q. Which American comedian played the role of Papa Elf in the movie “Elf”?

Bob Newhart.

Q. Tim Allen played the part of Scott Calvin, an ordinary guy who has to take Santa’s place, in which film?

The Santa Clause.

Q. In which Christmas comedy film is Clark Griswold’s boss Frank Shirley kidnapped and brought to Griswold’s house?

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Q. Which Ghostbusters star played Frank Cross in the 1988 Christmas comedy, “Scrooged”?

Bill Murray.

Q. Which Christmas movie features Arnold Schwarzenegger desperately trying to get an action figure on Christmas Eve as a gift for his son?

Jingle All The Way.

Q. Which animated Christmas movie tells the adventures of Jack Skellington, Halloweentown’s pumpkin king?

The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Q. Which animated television film classic, based on the book by Raymond Briggs, features the song “Walking In The Air”?

The Snowman.

Christmas Movie Trivia Quiz

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