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Do you think you know your factions?

If so, test your knowledge of the Divergent book with our great Divergent quiz.

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Do you think you know your factions? If so, test your knowledge of the Divergent book with our Divergent quiz.

Divergent is set in a post-apocalyptic version of which U.S. city?

A. New York

B. Boston

C. Seattle

D. Chicago

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D. Chicago.

What faction must always wear at least one article of blue clothing?

A. Erudite

B. Candor

C. Dauntless

D. Amity

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A. Erudite.

What does the faction Amity stand for?

A. Honesty

B. Peacefulness

C. Bravery

D. Selflessness

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B. Peacefulness.

What is Tris Prior’s full first name?

A. Tristan

B. Tristene

C. Beatrice

D. Katris

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C. Beatrice.

On Choosing Day, which faction was chosen by Tris?

A. Abnegation

B. Candor

C. Dauntless

D. Erudite

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C. Dauntless.

The Simulation Serum is associated with which faction?

A. Dauntless

B. Candor

C. Erudite

D. Abnegation

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A. Dauntless.

Of which faction are both Tris’s parents members?

A. Erudite

B. Dauntless

C. Abnegation

D. Candor

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C. Abnegation.

Jeanine Matthews is leader of which faction?

A. Candor

B. Amity

C. Dauntless

D. Erudite

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D. Erudite.

Which author wrote the Divergent trilogy?

A. Veronica Roth

B. Zadie Smith

C. J. K. Rowling

D. Toni Morrison

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A. Veronica Roth.

Which member of Dauntless commits suicide after being rejected by Tris?

A. Peter

B. Will

C. Drew

D. Al

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D. Al.

What is Four’s real name?

A. Tobias Eaton

B. Peter Hayes

C. Molly Atwood

D. Natalie Prior

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A. Tobias Eaton.

Who shot and killed Will?

A. Tobias

B. Drew

C. Cara

D. Tris

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D. Tris.

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