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Interesting and fun facts to astonish and amaze!Interesting & Fun Facts

If you’re a fan of interesting fun facts, then you’ll love these pages of fascinating titbits of knowledge on a whole array of different subjects!

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Fascinating Fun Facts

Fun WTF facts to astound and amaze!

You won’t believe your eyes when you read these fantastic 50 fun wtf facts! Prepare to be amazed and astounded!

These cool facts are sure to blow your mind

These super cool facts are sure to blow your mind. Hard to believe, but amazingly all 100% true you’ll love these trivia facts.

A collection of fun facts about Venus for kids and adults alike!

An out-of-this world collection of fun and interesting facts about Venus for kids and adults alike!

Here are some interesting and fun Arizona facts.

We bet even those born and raised in the state don’t know all these fun Arizona facts!

Here are some interesting and fun Alaska facts.

Here are some fun Alaska facts that you may find interesting!

Learn about the 50th US state with these fun facts about Hawaii.

Interesting facts about Hawaii, the 50th and most recent state of America.

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