Christmas Jokes, Humor & Fun

Christmas is a time of great joy and celebration. And it’s also a time of great fun and laughter, as shown by these hugely funny Christmas jokes and humor that we’ve collated for you, along with lots of Christmas riddles and trivia quizzes! So, Season’s Greetings and we hope you enjoy these Christmas jokes and fun.

Christmas Jokes

Here are all our fantastic Christmas jokes collections.

Christmas humor and jokes for kids

Christmas Jokes For Kids

Get in the festive spirit with these hilarious kids’ Christmas jokes.

A selection of funny Christmas one liners to celebrate the festive season with laughter!

Christmas One Liners

Short and to the point, but rib-tickingly funny, enjoy these Christmas one liners.

A page full of the best elf jokes

Elf Jokes

These elf jokes certainly aren’t bad for your ‘elf! In fact, as laughter’s the best medicine, they can only be good for you!

Funny reindeer jokes and puns

Reindeer Jokes

It would be Rude-olph us not to share these funny reindeer jokes and puns with you.

These funny Santa Claus jokes are sure to fill you with Christmas spirit

Santa Claus Jokes

These funny Santa Claus jokes are sure to fill you with Christmas spirit!

A collection of awful Christmas cracker jokes

Christmas Cracker Jokes

These Christmas cracker jokes keep up the tradition of being so bad you have to laugh!

A selection of funny snowman jokes for kids

Snowman Jokes

These funny snowman jokes and puns won’t leave you feeling cold because they’re brrrriliant! Enjoy these hilarious festive funnies!

Christmas knock knock jokes to celebrate the festive season

Christmas Knock Knock Jokes

Knock, knock! Who’s there? These fantastic Christmas knock knock jokes, perfect for the festive season, that’s who!

A selection of rude and dirty Christmas jokes for adults only

Dirty Christmas Jokes For Adults

Put the “Ho” into “Ho ho ho” with these rude and dirty Christmas jokes for adults only. Strictly no kids alllowed!

Header image for a page of funny Christmas shopping jokes.

Christmas Shopping Jokes

Rather than braving the crowds to get the gifts bought, stay home and laugh at these funny Christmas shopping jokes instead!

Header image for a page of funny Christmas gifts jokes.

Christmas Gifts Jokes

The greatest present we could give you is these hilarious Christmas gifts jokes!

Christmas Riddles

Give your brain a festive workout with these fun Christmas riddles!

A collection of Christmas riddles for the festive season

Christmas Riddles

Give your brain some exercise with these fun Christmas riddles.

Festive fun - a collection of Christmas riddles for kids

Christmas Riddles For Kids

Here’s a fantastic collection of Christmas riddles for kids.

A selection of the most mind-bending cryptic Christmas movie riddles

Christmas Movie Riddles

These fiendish cryptic Christmas move riddles will definitely tease your brain!

Festive brainteasers - Can you solve these cryptic Christmas Carol riddles?

Christmas Carol Riddles

How well do you know your traditional Christmas carols? Find out with our cryptic riddles.

Christmas Trivia & Quizzes

Put your knowledge of the festive season to the test with our fun Christmas trivia quizzes!

A selection of Christmas trivia questions and answers

Christmas Trivia Questions

Have some Christmas fun this festive season with these Christmas trivia questions (with answers)!

Try these easy Christmas trivia questions for kids, complete with answers

Christmas Trivia For Kids

Kids should never be left out at Christmas, so here’s some fun festive trivia questions just for them!

Test your knowledge of classic Xmas films with these Christmas movie trivia questions and answers

Christmas Movie Trivia

Sentimental Christmas movies are an essential part of the holiday season. Put your knowledge to the test with these fun trivia questions and answers.

How much do you really know about Xmas? Try our free family Christmas quiz.

Family Christmas Quiz

Christmas is all about family. Have fun together this festive season with our fantastic family Christmas trivia quiz.

More Fun And Laughter

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A collection of really funny Christmas jokes