Christmas Decorations Jokes And Puns

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Funny Christmas Decorations Jokes

This is ridiculous. It’s July 6th and people are still setting off fireworks.

One almost caught our Christmas decorations on fire.

At work I noticed the computer department have started putting Christmas decorations up.

IT’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

I spent all evening putting the Christmas decorations up myself.

Now I’m at the hospital getting them removed.

How can you tell Halloween is just around the corner?

Stores start putting out their Christmas decorations.

People are crazy about Christmas…

364 days until Christmas and people already have Christmas decorations up!

What do you call a Christmas decoration made of $100 dollar bills?

Aretha Franklin.

Why was the Christmas bauble an addict?

It was hooked on trees.

Can I just ask everyone for a big favor?

Those of you who are planning to place Christmas lights/decorations in your yards, can you please avoid anything that is red or blue and flashing?

Every time I drive by, I think it’s the police and have a panic attack.

I have to take my foot off the accelerator, toss my beer, fasten my seat belt, throw my phone on the floor, turn my radio down and push the gun under the seat. It’s too much for me to do in such a short notice… Thank you all for cooperating and taking my feelings into consideration.

What do you call the crazy people who are already putting up Christmas decorations?


A mom asks her kid to get Christmas decorations.

She specifically wanted ornamental balls to put up around the Christmas tree.

The kid leaves the house and several hours pass but he hasn’t returned yet.

After what seemed like an eternity, the kid comes back.

The mom asks all flustered, “What happened? Where were you?”

The kid with an excited look on his face tells her, “Mom there was a circus in town and they had all sorts of animals! My favorite one was the gorilla. He had big arms and a big back and big hands and …”

His mom stops him and asks, “What about the balls?”

“Oh, they were HUGE mom!”

A woman asks her eccentric husband to provide some holiday decorations for their home.

He eagerly heads out to town for decorations and returns several hours later.

The wife returns from her errands to find something perplexing.

In the corner stands a Christmas tree with only a few needles and on it is an bullet on a string.

She is flabbergasted and exclaims that she specifically told him to get Christmas decorations and then says, “What the heck is this?”

Her eccentric husband calmly replies, “Well dear, that is a cartridge in a bare tree.”

Which Christmas decorations are the grumpiest?

The ornery-ments.

I got a sore throat after eating some Christmas decorations.

I had to get my tinsels taken out.

What do you call a Christmas tree with no decorations on it?

A tree.

What do you call a competition between Christmas tree decorations?

A t-ornament.

My kids are going to decorate the Christmas tree this year.

It’s cheaper than tinsel and baubles.

Who broke all the Christmas decorations?

Santa Klutz.

My wife walked into the lounge after she heard me grunting.

She looked at me on the floor, sweating, with baubles around me.

“Why are you wrestling with our Christmas tree?” she asked.

I said, “Because you told me to take it down.”

What Christmas tree decoration also gives you fresh breath?


My Christmas tree wss very happy when I removed the decorations from it.

It was de-lighted.

What Christmas tree decoration can poke you?


Jokes About Christmas Decorations

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