These cryptic Christmas movie riddles will test your brain!Cryptic Christmas Movie Riddles

Here at LaffGaff we love cryptic riddles. And we also love Christmas movies. So what better combination than these fiendishly cryptic Christmas movie riddles.

Every answer is the title of a famous Christmas movie. How many can you get?

Bart's dad to lend money?

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Home Alone.

(Homer loan)

Seabird after alcoholic drink, every route.

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Jingle All The Way.

(Gin gull all the way)

Francisco's beginning with black liquid, scratches the film.

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Santa Claus: The Movie.

(San tar claws the movie)

Horror movie with clown observed amazement before complete existence.

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It's A Wonderful Life.

(It saw wonder full life)

First letter comes before cross assembly, motor vehicle acting part.

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A Christmas Carol.

(A criss mass car role)

Naughty Spanish saint with a thank you.

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Bad Santa.

(Bad san ta)

Adult male comes after the frozen water vapour.

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The Snowman.

(The snow man)

In what way the spoilsport pilfered religious celebration.

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How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

(How the grinch stole christmas)

Slang Irishman with short Ecstasy tablets on one occasion raised the opposite of off a festive season.

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Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas.

(Mick E's once up on a Christmas)

Roman four in middle of King Cole and end of city.

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(Nat IV ity).

Cryptic Xmas Movie Riddles

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