Presidents’ Day Trivia Questions And Answers

Presidents’ Day, which began in the 1880s, occurs in February each year. Test your knowledge of this holiday with these fun Presidents’ Day trivia questions with answers.

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Presidents’ Day Trivia Questions

1. Which president did Presidents’ Day originally honor?

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George Washington.

2. On what day is Presidents’ Day always celebrated?

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The third Monday of February.

3. How is Presidents’ Day still officially known?

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Washington’s Birthday.

4. What pie is traditionally associated with the holiday?

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Cherry pie.

5. In what year was the federal holiday honoring Washington first implemented for government offices in Washington?

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6. In what year was the holiday expanded to included all federal offices?

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7. In what year was Presidents’ Day moved to the third Monday of February?

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8. What was the name of the Act of Congress that permanently moved Presidents’ Day to the third Monday of February?

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The Uniform Monday Holiday Act.

9. What president made Washington’s Birthday an official holiday?

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President Rutherford B. Hayes.

10. What city in Florida holds an annual “GeorgeFest” in February?

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11. What letter is traditionally read in the Senate on the day of the holiday?

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George Washington’s Farewell Address.

12. Which president issued a proclamation naming the holiday “President’s Day” and calling it “the first such three-day holiday set aside to honor all presidents, even myself”?

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Richard Nixon.

13. In what state is the George Washington Birthplace National Monument?

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14. What city in Virginia, the hometown of Washington, hold what it claims is the nation’s longest-running and largest George Washington Birthday parade on Presidents’ Day?

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