Halloween Trivia Questions And Answers

Lay to rest the ghost of past trivia quizzes by taking on these Halloween trivia questions and having a fun fact-filled Halloween party!

Observed on the 31st October each year, Halloween is a popular celebration, especially with children in the United States. That’s because they get the chance to dress up in scary costumes and go trick or treating on Halloween night. Of course, the big kids among us get to dress up in spooky Halloween costumes too, even if we don’t get to trick or treat!

But how much do you know about the celebration? Try this fun Halloween quiz (with answers) and find out!

Test your knowledge of the popular celebration with these Halloween trivia questions and answers

25 Halloween Trivia Questions With Answers

1. Which traditional Halloween game has its origins in a Roman harvest festival that honored the goddess of fruit trees, Pamona?

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Bobbing for apples.

2. Which large fruit is carved to make Jack-o-lanterns?

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The pumpkin.

3. What does the word “hallow” mean in relation to Halloween?

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Saint or holy person.

4. What type of demon, originating from Arab mythology supposedly robs graveyards and feeds on human beings?

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A ghoul.

5. Which two colors are traditionally associated with Halloween?

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Orange and black.

6. And what do the two colors represent?

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Orange represents the Fall harvest and black represents death.

7. Which author wrote the novel Dracula?

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Bram Stoker.

8. From which other two words do we get the word bonfire?

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Bone and fire.

9. According to legend, what does it mean if you see a spider on Halloween?

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That a loved one is watching over you.

10. With which Catholic holiday is Halloween associated?

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All Saints’ Day.

11. In which country did Halloween originate?

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12. Do pumpkins grow in the ground, on vines, or on trees?

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On vines.

13. According to legend, what special ability are people who were born on Halloween supposed to possess?

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The ability to communicate with the dead.

14. Which actress played Laurie Strode in the original Halloween movie?

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Jamie Lee Curtis.

15. And what is the name of the killer in that movie?

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Michael Myers.

16. ‘Guising’ is the Scottish and Irish equivalent of which Halloween tradition?

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Trick or treating.

17. What is the fear of Halloween called?

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18. In the Middle Ages, which Halloween creatures were believed to be able to turn themselves into black cats, leading to black cats becoming associated with bad luck?

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19. Chicken Feed” was the original name of which Halloween treat?

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Candy corn.

20. Souling” is said to be the origin of which Halloween tradition?

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Children going door-to-door trick or treating.

21. The origins of Halloween can be traced back to which Celtic festival held to mark the beginning of winter?

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22. Which famous illusionist died on October 31, 1926?

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Harry Houdini.

23. Disney’s Halloween House” was the original working title of which 1993 scary movie about three witches being resurrected on Halloween night?

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Hocus Pocus.

24. What name is given to the night before Halloween when children engage in pranks?

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Mischief Night.

25. What was the original purpose of dressing up in fancy Halloween costumes?

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So that evil spirits would think you were one of them and leave you alone.

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