Halloween Riddles For Kids

Check out your Halloween knowledge with these easy Halloween riddles for kids.

Give them a try and see how well you do.

A collection of Halloween riddles for kids

I wander around although I am dead, I like to eat the brains in your head.

What am I?

A zombie.

You may find me scary and daunting, if your house is the one I am haunting.

What am I?

A ghost.

In the Halloween dark when gone is the sun, I’ll light your way when carved as a lantern.

What am I?

A pumpkin.

I’ll turn you into a quivering wreck, when I sink my fangs deep into your neck.

What am I?

A vampire.

An evil spirit who you’ll rightly dread, the graveyard’s my home where I feast on the dead.

What am I?

A ghoul.

A broomstick I ride as I travel so fast, a black hat I wear as my spells I do cast.

What am I?

A witch.

A symbol of death, that no body owns, no heart have I, nor flesh on my bones.

What am I?

A skeleton.

Often buried with fabulous wealth, an undead creature am I, all wrapped up in myself.

What am I?

A mummy.

When the moon is full, from man to beast I transform. My claws are sharp, while my hair keeps me warm.

What am I?

A werewolf.

My owner sits upon me as she flies, and casts her spells as she cackles and cries.

What am I?

A witch’s broomstick.

My web I weave to trap my prey, will it be you that I catch one day?

What am I?

A spider.

Oft used by witches to cast their spell, a slimy creature am I, and ugly as well.

What am I?

A toad.

Kids Halloween Riddles

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