World Soccer Trivia Questions And Answers

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world with billions of fans around the globe but just how much do you know about the sport? Find out with our fun free world soccer trivia questions (with answers).

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World Soccer Trivia Questions

1. As of 2020, which is the only French team to win the Champions League?

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Olympique Marseille in 1993.

2. Which country won both the first ever Copa America in 1916 and the first ever World Cup in 1930?

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3. Which five players have won the Ballon D’Or on 3 or more occasions?

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Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, Michel Platini, Johan Cruyff, Marco van Basten.

4. Which Italian soccer team share a stadium with A.S. Roma?

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5. The Supporter’s Shield is an annual award given to the team with the best record in which soccer league?

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The Major Soccer League (MLS) in the United States.

6. For which Brazilian league team did Pele play for 19 seasons?

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Santos FC.

7. Which country won the Africa Cup of Nations three consecutive times between 2006 and 2010?

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8. In 1998, who became the first Peruvian player to appear in the English Premier League?

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Nobby Solano when he made his debut for Newcastle United.

9. Which country was the first Asian team to participate in the FIFA World Cup?

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Indonesia, in 1938.

10. Which player has won the European Golden Boot award for the leading scorer in Europe’s top leagues a record six times?

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Lionel Messi.

11. Which country won the first ever FIFA Women’s World Cup in 1991?

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The United States.

12. What is the name of Spain’s annual knockout cup competition?

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The Copa del Rey.

13. Which Dutch team won the European Cup in three consecutive years between 1971 to 1973?

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14. The 2022 World Cup will be the first to be held in an Arab country. Which country?

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15. Which former A.C. Milan star became president of Liberia in 2018?

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George Weah.

16. Which is the only English Premier League team to win the F.A. Cup and be relegated in the same season?

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Wigan Athletic in 2013.

17. Which three German teams have won the UEFA Champions League?

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Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and Hamburg.

18. Boca Juniors and River Plate are both professional soccer teams in which city?

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Buenos Aires, Argentina.

19. Which two countries competed in the first ever international soccer match on November 30, 1872?

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England and Scotland. It was a 0-0 draw.

20. What was the name of the original FIFA World Cup trophy that Brazil were allowed to keep after winning the competition for the third time in 1970?

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The Jules Rimet Trophy.

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