Soccer Picture Quiz

If you like brain-teasing puzzles and you also like soccer, you’re in for a treat with this fantastic soccer picture quiz!

How many of these mind-bending picture puzzles can you solve? Every answer is an English soccer team. Just say what you see to get the answer!

Question 1 of soccer picture quiz
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A. Manchester City. (Man – chest – hair – city)

Question 2 of soccer picture quiz
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A. Luton Town. (Loo – ton – town)

Question 3
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A. Chesterfield. (Chest – tear – field)

Question 4
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A. Liverpool. (Liver – pool)

Question 5
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A. Exeter City. (Exit – air – sit – tea)

Question 6
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A. Crystal Palace. (Crystal – palace)

Question 7
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A. Preston North End. (Press – ton – north – end)

Question 8
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A. West Ham United. (West – ham – united)

Question 9
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A. Shrewsbury Town. (Shrews – bury – town)

Question 10
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A. Queens Park Rangers. (Queens – spark – rangers)

Question 11
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A. Oldham Athletic. (Old – ham – athletic)

Question 12
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A. Newcastle United. (New – castle – united)

Cryptic Soccer Picture Quiz

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