Cryptic Capital City Quiz

Do you like cryptic quizzes and riddles? If so, you’ll love this brain-teasing cryptic capital city quiz!

The answer to each cryptic clue is a country’s capital city. How many can you get?

This fiendish cryptic capital city quiz is sure to give your brain a good workout!

24 Cryptic Capital City Quiz Questions

1. Rooster appears after sudden loud noise. 

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Bangkok (Thailand).

2. Ringing instrument is rapid.

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Belfast (Northern Ireland).

3. Before noon, gaze at water barrier.

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Amsterdam (Netherlands).

4. E.L.O. singer Jeff goes after polar animal.

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Berlin (Germany).

5. Male more sick.

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Manilla (Phillipines).

6. Trick-taking card game before human settlement.

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Bridgetown (Barbados).

7. D.I.S.C.O. singers without end.

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Ottawa (Canada).

8. Insane to remove.

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Madrid (Spain).

9. Set on fire.

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Bern (Switzerland).

10. Did Dionne Warwick ask if you know the way here?

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San Jose (Costa Rica).

11. Sprouts first name.

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Brussels (Belgium).

12. Supply residence.

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Stockholm (Sweden).

13. Korean pop star with fish eggs.

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Cairo (Egypt).

14. Slang Australia not high.

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Oslo (Norway).

15. Jeered an annoying person.

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Budapest (Hungary).

16. Homer Simpson exclamation followed by laugh.

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Doha (Qatar).

17. Father goes after container for carrying things.

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Baghdad (Iraq).

18. Reserve a period of relaxation.

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Bucharest (Romania).

19. Badly behaved child is before molten rock.

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Bratislava (Slovakia).

20. Wander.

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Rome (Italy).

21. Armed conflict cutting tool.

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Warsaw (Poland).

22. Spiritual part of human being.

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Seoul (South Korea).

23. The way to coastal water?

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Beirut (Lebanon).

24. Rank after ringing instrument.

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Belgrade (Serbia).

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