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Test your knowledge with our fantastic multiple choice superhero quiz

Which superhero’s real name is Peter Parker?

A. Spiderman

B. Batman

C. Superman

D. Captain America

A. Spiderman.

Which superhero has a butler called Alfred?

A. Batman

B. Wonder Woman

C. Iron Man

D. Spiderman

A. Batman.

Diana Prince is the civilian identity of which superhero?

A. Elastigirl

B. Supergirl

C. Wonder Woman

D. Batgirl

C. Wonder Woman.

Which superhero’s only weakness is kryptonite?

A. Wolverine

B. Superman

C. Green Lantern

D. Batman

B. Superman.

Which villain, an adversary of Batman, has the real name of Pamela Lillian Isley?

A. Harley Quinn

B. Catwoman

C. Black Orchid

D. Poison Ivy

D. Poison Ivy.

Which superhero owns a company called Stark Industries?

A. Green Lantern

B. Iron Man

C. Batman

D. The Flash

B. Iron Man.

Which superhero gets their superpowers from their power ring?

A. The Flash

B. Green Lantern

C. Wonder Woman

D. Supergirl

B. Green Lantern.

Which superhero’s real name is Arthur Curry?

A. Aquaman

B. Green Lantern

C. Wolverine

D. The Flash

A. Aquaman.

Which superhero works as a lawyer in his day job?

A. Daredevil

B. Green Lantern

C. The Flash

D. Spiderman

A. Daredevil.

What is the real name of The Incredible Hulk?

A. Bruce Wayne

B. Peter Parker

C. Bruce Banner

D. Tony Stark

C. Bruce Banner.

Which race of extraterrestrials are the founders and leaders of the Green Lantern Corps?

A. Challengers of the Unknown

B. Justice League

C. The Outsiders

D. The Guardians of the Universe

D. The Guardians of the Universe.

Which female villain is The Joker’s former psychiatrist?

A. Enchantress

B. Catwoman

C. Enchantress

D. Harley Quinn

D. Harley Quinn.

Which superhero gets his superpowers from his enchanted hammer Mjolnir?

A. Thor

B. Andromeda

C. Callisto

D. Magma

A. Thor.

Which of the following superheroes is not a member of the Fantastic Four?

A. Invisible Girl

B. Silver Surfer

C. Mister Fantastic

D. Human Torch

B. Silver Surfer.

Superhero Quiz

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