Art Trivia Questions And Answers

Everyone is an artist because everyone creates, but not everyone knows it. Just how much do you know about the art world? Find out with our fun art trivia questions and answers. How many will you get right?

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20 Art Trivia Questions

These art trivia questions will test your knowledge of the whole scope of the art world. Good luck!

1. In which city is the Louvre art museum?

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2. The British artist George Stubbs is most noted for his paintings of which animal?

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3. Which Italian artist’s surname literally means “Little barrel” when translated to English?

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Sandro Botticelli.

4. Who painted the “Mona Lisa”?

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Leonardo da Vinci.

5. Which sculptor’s works include “The Age of Bronze” and “The Thinker”?

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Auguste Rodin.

6. Which artistic movement of early 20th century America featured scenes of urban realism, particularly in New York, and is associated with artists such as Robert Henri and George Bellows?

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The Ashcan School.

7. With which art movement was Salvador Dali associated?

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8. Which artist’s paintings include “Irises” and “Poppies”?

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Vincent van Gogh.

9. Hans Holbein the Younger was the official portrait artist of which English king?

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Henry VIII.

10. With which art form was Robert Frank most associated?

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11. Which art period’s French name literally means “rebirth” when translated to English?

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12. Which architect designed New York’s Guggenheim Museum?

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Frank Lloyd Wright.

13. English artist Grayson Perry is a leading contemporary exponent of which form of the arts?

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14. “Girl Before a Mirror” and “The Weeping Woman” are paintings by which Spanish artist?

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Pablo Picasso.

15. Which mainly French art movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, whose name was coined by the art critic Roger Fry, is characterised by artists attempting to evoke emotion rather than realism?

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Post Impressionism.

16. Which ancient Greek sculpture was discovered on the island of Milos in 1820?

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The Venus de Milo.

17. “Woman with a Parasol” and “Water Lilies” are paintings by which French impressionist artist?

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Claude Monet.

18. Which French artist is famous for his drawing and paintings of ballerinas?

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Edgar Degas.

19. Which leading American abstract expressionist artist, born in 1912, was noted for his technique of pouring or splashing household paint onto horizontal canvases, a method known as the “drip technique”?

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Jackson Pollock.

20. Which controversial photographer, known for his black and white photographs of celebrities and nudes, died in 1989 aged 42?

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Robert Mapplethorpe.

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