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So you think you’re a pop music expert, do you? Well then prove it by taking our fantastic free pop music quiz! Be warned though, you’ll need a wide range of knowledge to do well as the questions cover the entire history of pop music! 

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20 Pop Music Quiz Questions

These fun pop music quiz questions will put your knowledge of popular music to the test. Good luck!

1. Which pop singer’s hits include Roar and Teenage Dream?

A. Madonna

B. Britney Spears

C. Katy Perry

D. Ariane Grande

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C. Katy Perry.

2. The hit singles I Just Can’t Stop Loving You and The Man in the Mirror appeared on which Michael Jackson album?

A. Bad

B. Off The Wall

C. Thriller

D. Dangerous

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A. Bad.

3. Which single was the first of Madonna’s to enter the Billboard Hot 100 chart?

A. Like A Virgin

B. Borderline

C. Holiday

D. Lucky Star

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C. Holiday.

4. Niall Horan and Liam Payne were members of which boy band?

A. One Direction

B. Backstreet Boys


D. The Wanted

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A. One Direction.

5. Which rapper featured on the Rihanna hit Umbrella?

A. Drake

B. Kanye West

C. Jay-Z

D. Eminem

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C. Jay-Z.

6. Which British rock singer wrote the Tina Turner hit single Private Dancer?

A. Mark Knopfler

B. David Gilmour

C. Phil Collins

D. Robert Plant

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A. Mark Knopfler.

7. Which American singer featured on the Mark Ronson smash hit single Uptown Funk?

A. Pharrell Williams

B. Justin Timberlake

C. Usher

D. Bruno Mars

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D. Bruno Mars.

8. Which singer’s first U.S. number one single was called Vision of Love?

A. Mariah Carey

B. Whitney Houston

C. Diana Ross

D. Celine Dion

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A. Mariah Carey.

9. Which artist’s real name is Amethyst Amelia Kelly?

A. Ariane Grande

B. Rihanna

C. Beyonce

D. Iggy Azalea

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D. Iggy Azalea.

10. Which pop group wrote the songs Islands in the Stream, Chain Reaction, Woman In Love and Heartbreaker, all hits for other artists?

A. Bee Gees

B. The Beach Boys

C. The Monkees

D. The Beatles

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A. Bee Gees.

11. In 2011, Rihanna found love in a …

A. Dangerous Place

B. Hopeless Place

C. Strange Place

D. Unusual Place

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B. Hopeless Place.

12. Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork were original members of which pop band?

A. The Kinks

B. The Byrds

C. The Beatles

D. The Monkees

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D. The Monkees.

13. Dangerously in Love was which singer’s debut solo album?

A. Beyonce

B. Nicole Scherzinger

C. Britney Spears

D. Katy Perry

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A. Beyonce.

14. How is Gordon Sumner better known?

A. Bono

B. Moby

C. Sting

D. Seal

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C. Sting.

15. Of which group was Gwen Stefani the lead singer?

A. Pussycat Dolls


C. The Bangles

D. No Doubt

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D. No Doubt.

16. Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams teamed up for which 2013 smash hit single?

A. Happy

B. Blurred Lines

C. Give It 2 U

D. Feel Good

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B. Blurred Lines.

17. According to Cyndi Lauper what do girls just want to do?

A. Settle Down

B. Have Fun

C. Dance

D. Kiss Boys

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B. Have Fun.

18. Which British pop superstars where “Hungry Like The Wolf” in 1982?

A. Duran Duran


C. The Police

D. Tears for Fears

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A. Duran Duran.

19. Which of these pop stars was not a Mouseketeer on The All-New Mickey Mouse Club?

A. Ariane Grande

B. Justin Timberlake

C. Britney Spears

D. Christina Aguilera

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A. Ariane Grande.

20. Of which boy band was Donnie Wahlberg a member?


B. Boyz II Men

C. New Kids on the Block

D. Backstreet Boys

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C. New Kids on the Block.

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