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There’s so Minnie funny Mickey Mouse jokes and puns here, you’ll be having Disney spells from all the laughter!

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Funny Mickey Mouse Jokes

What is Mickey Mouse’s favorite game?

Hide and squeak.

What kind of car does Mickey Mouse drive?

A Minnie Van.

Why did Mickey Mouse go up in space?

To find Pluto.

What’s wrong with Mickey Mouse’s helicopter?


Who bullies Mickey Mouse?

Meanie Mouse.

Why did Mickey Mouse cross the road?

He was going on a Minnie vacation.

What did Mickey Mouse say to the doctor when he hurt his leg?

Disney hurts.

Why did Mickey Mouse buy a telescope?

Because he wanted to see Pluto.

What’s Mickey Mouse’s favorite treat?

Mice cream.

Mickey Mouse was arrested for identity theft.

He was charged with being Goofy.

Why did Mickey Mouse need a club?

To make Donald Duck.

How does Mickey Mouse feel when Minnie is mad at him?


Why was Mickey Mouse such a hero?

He gave Minnie mouse to mouse resuscitation.

Where on your body is Mickey Mouse closest to?

This knee.

What’s Mickey Mouse’s favorite sport?

Minnie golf.

What tablet does Mickey Mouse use to browse the internet?

An iPad Minnie.

I went to the doctor’s yesterday and told him that I kept thinking I was Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

With a look of concern, he asked…

“How long have you been having these Disney spells?”

Why did Mickey Mouse get a pie on his face?

Because Donald ducked!

An assassin is running towards Donald Trump.

His personal bodyguard sees him and shouts, “Mickey Mouse!”

This startles the assassin and he runs off in the other direction.

Trump turns to his bodyguard and says, “Thank you, but why did you yell Mickey Mouse?”

The bodyguard replies, “Sorry Sir, I meant to say Donald, Duck.”

What did Mickey Mouse say when he crashed his car?

Disney matter.

Which mouse walks on 2 feet?

Mickey Mouse!

And which duck walks on two feet?

Every duck!

What did Mickey Mouse say when Minnie asked him if he was listening?

I’m all ears!

Why did Mickey Mouse fall over?

He had a Disney spell.

I’ve got this really cool Mickey Mouse watch.

It shows the time very clearly.

The dial is really handy.

A rodent just ran through my kitchen.

I got him with my Mickey Mouse club.

What happened the first time Mickey and Minnie saw each other?

It was glove at first sight.

Which state reminds Mickey of his girlfriend?


Why did Mickey Mouse name his dog Pluto?

Because he’s not a planet.

I bought a Mickey Mouse jigsaw puzzle.

It said 3 to 5 years on it.

It only took me 15 months to finish.

I auditioned for the role of Mickey Mouse but I didn’t get the part.

The director said I was too Goofy.

Puns & Jokes About Mickey Mouse

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