Foreclosure Jokes

We thought we’d bring you these funny foreclosure jokes and puns, just for closure (see what we did there?!) after all our real estate jokes!

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Funny Foreclosure Jokes

I hate when political candidates put their signs up in my front yard.

Who the hell is Foreclosure?

Why did the widow shut down the family business?


How did the haunted house escape foreclosure?

It was repossessed.

What did the beaver say when the bank wanted to foreclosure his home, and he would face prison time if he didn’t?

I don’t give a dam.

A blond is having money troubles.

Her business is failing, her car has been repoed, and her house is in foreclosure.

She sits down at night and prays to God, “Dear God please let me win the lottery, I will do good things and be ever so faithful.”

She watches the nightly lottery and no luck, she didn’t win.

For days she continues to pray and plead to win the lottery and every night at the drawing she doesn’t win.

Finally on the eighth week of praying she hears the voice of God, “My child, meet me halfway…buy a ticket.”

A foreclosure lawyer in attending the farm to serve the Notice of Foreclosure.

Nobody answers the door so he wanders down towards the barn when he accidentally steps in a fresh cow pie.

Not knowing what it was he panics and yells, “Help me, I’m melting…”

It’s colder in Wyoming than a banker’s heart on foreclosure day at the widows’ and orphans’ home.

The economy is so bad that 7 of 10 houses on Sesame Street are in foreclosure.

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