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If you’re anime-maniac, you’ll love this Titan-ic collection of funny anime jokes and puns! We can’t help Saiyan they’re the best examples around, so here they all are – in one piece!

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Funny Anime Jokes

What do you call someone who likes anime and eats one type of cereal?

An oataku.

What is a Mexican’s favorite anime?

Juan Piece.

What’s the full name of somebody who loves Japanese animation?

Annie Maniac.

Where does Kagome Higurashi clean her clothes?


I think my anime jigsaw puzzle was too simple. It was…

One Piece.

What do you call the anime bill of rights?

The Manga Carta.

What do you call a Titan who can’t swim?


What is Trump’s favourite anime?


What do Saiyans wear to the beach?


How many Dragon Ball Z characters does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Just one, but it will take 6 episodes.

What sound does an anime themed ambulance make?

Weeboo Weeboo Weeboo.

I’ve been watching this anime about dentists.

But it’s been getting boring.

I’m a little tired of the filler episodes.

Where did Vegeta go after death?

Into the Frieza.

What do you get when you cross a Sailor Scout with a barn yard animal?

Sailor Moo.

What anime do you get when you mix a melon and a collie?

The Melon-collie of Haruhi Suzumiya.

When I was a pre-teen, I watched a lot of anime, and really really wanted a katana.

So when I finally got one for my birthday, I was so happy, but I only played with it once.

And then all I wanted was grandma back.

What’s a Titan’s favorite food?


What do Light from Death Note and a lift have in common?

They’re both L-evaders.

How much does a Fullmetal Alchemist boxset cost?

An arm and a leg.

My friend told me to stop filing taxes and go watch anime with him.

But this isn’t even my final form.

Saitama just got fired from his job as a train conductor.

Everything was going fine until he had to punch a ticket.

What is Wailord’s favorite TV show?

Whale of Fortune.

How did Brock keep himself dry during the rain?

He used his frying pans as drying pans.

What do you call a person who is into French Anime girls?

A Ouib.

What is Gohan’s favorite instrument?

The piccolo.

What is Mami Tomoe’s favorite drink?

The de-cappuccino.

What’s Saitama’s favorite nose?


My friend is crazy about anime.

You might say he is an anime-niac.

What do you call an assassin that only kills anime lovers?

A weeb wacker.

What’s the Hawaiian squirrel’s favorite anime?

My Hero Macadamia (Nut).

Why did Goku get into another fight with Vegeta?

Because he was Saiyan bad jokes.

What does Monkey D. Luffy say when you want another piece of the pie?

You can only have “One Piece”.

Why did Petra freeze when she saw the female Titan?

Because she was petra-fied.

Why you would be in deep trouble if Tokyo Ghoul had been real?

Because, in this world, you Ken-run, but you Ken-not hide.

Why does Miso not like the world anymore?

Because there is no Light.

What is Wall-E’s favorite anime series?


Why was Frieza not popular in high school?

Because his brother was literally Cooler.

Which planet does Piccolo visit to relax?

Planet Hammock.

What’s a chicken’s favourite anime?

Bok-Bok-Boku No Hero Eggadamia.

What kind of car would an anime little sister drive?

A Nii-san.

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