Lightning Puns & Jokes

Earth is constantly being struck by lightning and these lightning puns and jokes are also really striking! Despite that, we’re bringing them to you free of charge because we know how to conduct ourselves! Enjoy!

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Funny Lightning Puns & Jokes

I used to wonder how lightning worked.

Then it struck me.

Why did the man driving a train get struck by lightning?

He was a good conductor.

I was surprised when i saw a man get struck by lightning.

The man was shocked as well.

Did you know lightning never strikes coffee in its bean form?

Only when it’s ground.

Lightning sometimes shocks people because it just doesn’t know how to conduct itself.

Why does lightning strike a tree before a person?

Because it takes the path of leaf resistance.

Why did Thor lose his lightning powers?

Because his father grounded him.

What do you call a Mongolian leader who got struck by lightning?

Shocka Khan.

My wife was watching me do some DIY and she said I hammer like lightning.

I never strike in the same place twice.

What did the cow that was struck by lightning say?

I’m udderly shocked.

My neighbors house got struck by lightning.

It hit close to home.

What did the thunderstorm do when it felt it wasn’t getting paid enough?

It went on a lightning strike.

Do you want to hear a joke about a bolt of lightning?

Actually, maybe not. The end is rather shocking.

What’s faster – lightning, light, or diarrhea?

Diarrhea. Because I ran like lightning to the bathroom, turned on the light, but the diarrhea was already there.

How do meteorologist track lightning strikes?

They use a Thor-mometer.

Did you hear about the guy whose spouse was hit by lightning?

His entire wife flashed before his eyes.

What did the lightning strike survivor say when interviewed?

“It was shockingly powerful. Like, it really Hertz.”

I saw a guy in a tux standing in the middle of a field during a lightning storm.

Turns out he was a conductor.

I read a bunch of news articles dealing with lightning strikes recently.

I’m trying to keep myself knowledgeable about current events.

There is a higher chance of being struck by lightning than to be killed in a shark attack.

Shocking isn’t it?

Lightning storms can be very striking.

What did the lightning say to the fireworks?

“Hey! You stole my thunder.”

What do you call a cow struck by lightning?

Ground beef.

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