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We didn’t want to create a hostel environment so we thought we’d bring you these funny hostel jokes and puns! Are you inn?

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Funny Hostel Jokes And Puns

I was in a hostel playing chess with a European guy when an Aussie came up and said, “There’s no way you’ll win.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because he’s Czech, mate.”

I had to get out of the small hotel business in Europe.

It was a hostel work environment.

My son and his friends went traveling and took every bed the inn had.

It was a hostel takeover.

To curb wastage of water during showers everyone at the hostel was given a shower cap.

My sister told my Dad she was going traveling.

“Where are you going to stay?” he asked.

“In a hostel,” she replied.

“Wouldn’t you be better in a friendly?” he said.

I stayed at an Arabian hostel last year.

It was Bedouin breakfast.

The workers at the inn aren’t very friendly.

They create a hostel environment.

A girl at a bus stop spotted a handsome man and without hesitation went to him and said, “You look cute, I like you.”

The man out of shock simply placed his hand on her shoulder and said, “My dear, this love and infatuation are all nothing. You are too young to be behaving like this. Please go home and study hard so that you can have a successful life.”

He then placed a piece of paper on her hand and said, ”I have written some words of wisdom and bible verses for you. Read them before you go to sleep.” And then he walked away.

The girl went back to her hostel in shame and before she slept she opened up the paper and read it: “Are you blind? My wife was standing behind me. Any way, this is my number. Call me anytime. By the way, I like you too!”

A banker went to Moscow, and he stayed in a hostel on Moscow’s outskirts.

The only available room had three other people in it – a group of friends.

The banker had a very important meeting the next day, but his roommates were loud; drinking, playing cards and telling jokes about communism, Lenin, Stalin and USSR. The banker, tired and sleepy, went to the reception.

“I’d like to order four teas to room 16, in 10 minutes” he said to the porter.

Back in his room, he said loudly, “Comrades, I hear you joke about mother Russia, and her great leaders, aren’t you afraid of the secret police eavesdropping?”

“Comrade, it’s a good place, no one is eavesdropping here! I knew the owner fit years!” said one of the men,

The banker says, “Let’s see. Commissar, can we get four teas here?”

Just a few minutes later the porter brought a tray with four glasses. The three men, all pale, went silent and soon went to sleep.

The next morning the banker woke up and noticed that the room is empty. Curious, he went to the reception and asked about the three men.

“Oh, them? The secret service took them this morning.”

“And they didn’t take me too?”

“Nah, the Commissar really liked this trick with the teas.”

Why did the hotel clerk feel uncomfortable at work?

It was a hostel work environment.

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