Top Ten Funniest Animated Dog GIFs

We can't get enough of funny animated GIFs here at LaffGaff, especially when animals are involved and our favorite animal is man's best friend - the dog; we don't understand how anyone can fail to love dogs. Here's our top ten all-time favorite animated dog GIFs.

1.Tails Of The Unexpected

Ok yeah, I admit it - you made me jump. No need to crow about it!

Funniest Animated Dog GIFs

2. When One Door Closes...

Door - what door? Oh, THAT door!

Funny Dog Run Into Door | LaffGaff

3. That Took Some Balls

If his bark's worse than his bite, I wouldn't like to hear him bark!

Funny Dog Bite

4. There's Plenty More Erm... Dogs... In The Sea

Hmm... there's something fishy about this...

Funny Dog With Fish

5. Dog Sledding

What do you mean that's not how it works? I'm a dog, that's a sled - now get out of the way!

Funny Dog Who Da Boss

6. When Teddies Attack

I think I'd do the same if I was attacked by a giant teddy bear too...

Funny Dog Poop

7. Branching Out

He didn't know whether to stick or twist...

Funny Dog With Stick

8. Big Bull-y-dog?

I always said size doesn't matter!

Funny Puppy Dog Scare

9. Fall At The First Hurdle

Don't hedge your bets, son, just go for it...

Funny Dog Hedge Jump

10. Gone To The Dogs

They say karma's a bitch - this guy gets exactly what he deserves here. I'm sure all you dog lovers will agree...

Funny Dog Makes Man Fall

Funniest Animated Dog GIFs

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