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Funny Darth Vader Jokes

How does Darth Vader like his steaks?

Well, done done done, done da done, done da done.

What did the designers of Darth Vader’s costume model it on?

Mannequin Skywalker.

How does Darth Vader manage to eat through that mask?

He’s force fed.

Did you know Darth Vader has a sister?

Her name is Ella.

Darth Vader knows what you’re getting for Christmas.

He felt your presents.

Retailers have pulled all the Darth Vader toys from their shelves.

Apparently they are a choking hazard.

What do you call a nervous Darth Vader?

Panakin Skywalker.

Darth Vader could never find love.

He was looking in Alderaan places.

Where did Darth Vader get his helmet?

From the Darth Maul.

Did you know Darth Vader had to pay for his suit?

It cost him an arm and a leg.

Darth Vader walks into his local record shop and asks for a copy of George Michael’s debut solo album.

The guy behind the counter says,”I’m sorry, it’s out of stock.”

Darth Vader shakes his head and says, “I find your lack of Faith disturbing.”

Why does Darth Vader prefer coarse-grain pepper?

He hates it when it’s high ground.

Darth Vader has some interesting methods for disciplining his children.

They’re all very hands-off.

What’s Darth Vader’s corrupt brother’s name?

Taxi Vader.

Why was Darth Vader called “Lord Vader”?

Because “Master Vader” made the storm troopers giggle.

Why was Darth Vader arrested?

Excessive use of force.

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