30 Stupidly Funny Newspaper Headlines

30 Stupidly Funny News HeadlinesA collection of funny newspaper headlines from around the world

We guess the newsroom is such a busy place that sometimes there's just no time for proofreading the news headlines. At least that's the way it would appear judging by this selection of funny newspaper headlines from various newspapers around the world.

1. He Cracked The Case!

I wonder how long it took him to get to the bottom of that one?
Smell Crack Headline

 2. Making The Best Of Things

If life's dealt you two soggy holes, what else is there to do but just try and make the best of things?
Soggy Holes Funny News Headline

 3. Who'd Have Thought It?

Urgh! There's not much more to say really apart from this is stating the obvious...
Pools Stupid Newspaper Headline

4. If It Wasn't For Those Pesky Kids!

Babies, eh, who'd have 'em? Personally, I blame the parents...
Babies To Blame Funny Headline

5. A Job For Life, Or Death?

Hmm, I imagine there's not exactly a queue for this job. It could be a never-ending cycle...
Attorney Stupid Newspaper Headline

 6. An Unfair Advantage?

Is this an unfortunate choice of words, or did she have an advantage from the outset?
Hooker Stupid Newspaper Headline

7. Time Flies

If time flies when you're having fun, I guess those council meetings must be quite something...
Shorter Meetings Funny Headline

8. Starving Students

What are you to do as a poor, starving student who can't afford to buy food?
Kids Cook Grandparents Headline

9. You Don't Say...

Maybe this explains why the students were cooking grandparents in number 8 above...
Starvation Funny Headline

10. What Companies Are These?

Should they really be publicizing these kind of companies?
Death Of A Love One Headline

11. Is That Why His Form's Been So Bad Recently?

And I thought his game had gone off the boil because he'd taken his eye off the ball. Apparently, not...
Tiger Woods Funny Headline

12. What Did They Expect?

Now I'm no Sherlock Holmes but I think even I could have predicted this...
Federal Agents Funny Headline

13. Where Do Bears Go Again?

And in other news, bears do their business in the woods...
Bridges Rivers Funny Headline

14. Urgh - Was That You?

Hmm, something smells a bit funny about this one.
Sewer Smells Funny Headline

15. Can't Be Bothered

I was going to write something really witty and funny about this one but I just couldn't be bothered.
Apathy Rally Funny Headline

16. Dead Quiet

Have they tried using a ouija board - is that a voice from beyond the grave I hear?
Homicide Victims Funny News Headlines

17. Maybe Not Such A Miracle After All

Now call me ungrateful but I wouldn't be too happy with this miracle cure.
Miracle Cure Funny Headline

18. The Stuff Scientists Know These Days

I wonder how much whoever did this research got paid for it?
Flying Bugs Funny Headline

19. That's Shocking!

Surely they should be doing something to tackle this?
Death Killer Funny Headline

20. Crack A Joke

I bet he was the butt of everyone's jokes...
Crack Buttocks Funny Headline

21. Shake It Up Baby, Now!

Or maybe not, if you don't want to cause earthquake damage.
Earthquake Damage Funny Headline

22. Where Did They Dig This Up From?

The body of evidence against the killer was overwhelming...
Graveyard Dead Funny Headline

23. Business Isn't What It Used To Be

Can they really be called prostitutes if they're not?
Prostitutes Funny Headline

24. Makes Perfect Sense, Doesn't It?

Well where else would you expect to find a headless body, if not in a topless bar?
Headless Body Funny Headline

25. They Shouldn't Have Been Looking

Hmm, I hope having a suspiciously small package isn't an offence now!
Small Package Funny Newspaper Headlines

26. Edge Of The Seat Radio

What could be more exciting than listening to a lunar eclipse on the radio?
Eclipse Funny Newspaper Headline

27. No Change

At least they're not the undead!
Remain Dead Funny Headline

28. It's The Small Things...

How could he stoop so low?
Midget Funny Newspaper Headline

29. Just Frog-get About It

I toad you all this experimentation wouldn't end well...
Japanese Scientists Funny Headline

30. Rise Of The Undead

Oh no! It's a zombie apocalypse!
Cemetery Comeback Funny Headline

Funny Newspaper Headlines

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