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These funny piano jokes and puns will certainly strike the right note! There’s nothing off-key about them whatsoever! You definitely won’t B flat after reading them!

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Funny Piano Jokes And Puns

I hurt my wrist and had to go to the hospital where I talked to a doctor.

I said, “When this heals will I be able to play the piano?”

The doctor said, “Yes, you’ll be fine in a few days.”

I said, “Great, I’ve always wanted to be able to play the piano.”

What’s the difference between a fish, a piano, and a stick of glue?

You can’t tuna fish!

“What about the glue?”

I knew you’d get stuck on that!

My daughter was so angry with me when I told her I got her piano lessons.

That’s when I found out she was prone to violins.

My uncle was crushed by a piano.

His funeral was very low key.

What do you hear when you drop a piano down a mineshaft?

A flat minor.

A man walks into a bar with an ornately carved box under his arm.

The bartender says, “Hold on there, buddy, what’s in the box?”

The man says, “I’ll show you if you give me a free drink.”

The bartender agrees, and the man lifts the lid to reveal a tiny man, who starts playing an equally tiny piano.

The bartender gasps, “That’s amazing! Where did you find him?”

The man replies, “There’s a genie outside granting free wishes. But if you go out there, be sure to speak up, because I think the genie is hard of hearing.”

The bartender asks, “Why do you say that?

“Do you think I would have wished for a twelve inch pianist?”

What do you call a laughing piano?

A Yamahahahaha.

What’s brown and sits on a piano stool?

Beethoven’s final movement.

Why would T. Rex struggle to play the piano?

They’re extinct.

If organ trafficking is illegal…

Then what about pianos?

What’s the difference between a tuna, a piano, and an owl?

You can tuna piano but you can’t piano a tuna.

“What about the owl?”


What do you call an eagle who can play the piano?


If you walked into a room and saw Mozart at a piano what would he be doing?


How do you eat a piano?

With a tuning fork!

I was teaching my son to play the piano.

He played the Am chord for me.

It was ACE!

So a 1024MB Memory Card walks into a bar, spots a piano, sits down at it and starts playing some incredible music.

After a number of songs, mostly original, the Memory Card gets up and the bar goes wild with cheers and applause.

The bar owner was incredibly impressed and runs up to the Memory Card and says, “Buddy, you were INCREDIBLE! If you come back tomorrow, I’ll split the night’s till with you!”

“No can do…” says the Memory Card. “I’m limited to one gig!”

My wife said we needed to childproof our upright piano, so it wouldn’t fall over on our toddler.

I said that was a good idea, because I wouldn’t want a flat minor.

Why does Helen Keller play piano with only one hand?

Because she uses the other one to sing.

I played “My Heart Will Go On” on a public piano and people yelled at me.

Can’t wait till this cruise is over.

When i die I want it to be from being hit by a falling piano

That way my life ends on a dramatic note.

When I was a kid I figured out how to play the piano by ear.

After a while I learned that it was easier to use my fingers.

My driver’s license says I’m an organ donor.

But the jokes on them because I own a piano.

A foolish man gives his wife a grand piano.

A wise man gives his wife an upright organ.

What do you get if you drop a piano on an army base?

A flat major.

What do you get if you drop a piano on a beehive?

Bee flat.

What do you call a piano built in Miami?

The Florida Keys.

What’ll happen if a piano is dropped on a man?

He will B flat.

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