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There’s nothing artificial about these funny A.I. jokes and puns! They may be intelligent but they’re hilarious, for real!

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Funny AI Jokes

What do you call a blonde who dyes her hair brown?

Artificial intelligence.

It just occurred to me that the opposite of Artificial Intelligence is …

Real Stupid.

I hear they’ve made a new artificially intelligent Oreo?

It’s one smart cookie.

A man creates the smartest AI and presents it to the UN, boasting it can solve any problem

“Oh yeah?” Said the president of the United States. “Ok, how do we solve poverty?”

“Calculating,” said the AI, moments later printing out a sheet of paper for the UN to read.

Leaders from all over the world applied the proposals on the paper and in a month everyone starts living a better lives.

Impressed, they called for the AI’s assistance again and asked, “How do we create world peace?”

“Calculating,” said the AI and same as before printed a sheet of paper.

Leaders applied the writings, and in a month all wars and conflicts stopped. Everybody hates guns now and the world is full of love.

On the next UN gathering, curious about the purpose of life, they asked the AI, “Is there a God?”

“Calculating,” said the AI. This time though it didn’t give a response immediately.

In fact it took a whole day of processing before finally printing out a paper saying, “Insufficient resources, need more for the computation!”

“Okay, we’ll help out!” Said the leaders of America.

And they provided the AI with all of the advanced tech America can offer. Then they asked the question again.

“Calculating,” responded the AI.

But still, it responded, “Insufficient resources. Still need more for computation!”

“Ok, we’ll also pitch in!” Said the other leaders of the world, providing their tech and networks to the AI.

After the upgrade, the world leaders asked again to the AI, “Is there a God?”

The AI responded, “There is now.”

Why are artificial intelligences in movies always female?

Because they’re never wrong.

What do you get when you cross a wall unit with artificial intelligence?


Humans are being tested against the new AI program.

The robot beats the human in every category.

It comes to one of the last ones: hunting.

The robot again beats the human.

However, someone working there sets the animals free again and tells them to try get them again.

The robot doesn’t move whilst the human wins because …

Robots can’t recaptcha.

When the first device with AI takes a picture of itself …

It’ll be selfie aware.

My English teacher told us to write about the history of our life.

However, I hate writing, so I used AI to write it for me.

I guess you can say it’s an auto-biography.

I asked a Canadian what he thought about robots.

He said, “AI?”

I said, “Yes, you.”

Have you heard about the new game getting released?

It’s AI is 20 years ahead of it’s time, the graphics are truly real life, it has an open world concept where anything you want to do is truly possible.

It’s called …

Go outside and ride your bike.

Why did the programmers act so nice to the AI?

Because it was really self conscious.

So I recently learned about AI.

It’s absolutely game changing.

I can’t wait for an AI to reach 10% of the capabilities of the average human.

Then we can replace all of Congress with a single AI.

Scientists predict human-level artificial intelligence by 2040.

Maybe sooner if the bar keeps dropping.

A son asks his father why does he speak so quietly at home?

The father replies because there is artificial intelligence that listens to everything we say.

The son laughs, the dad laughs, Alexa laughs.

I have created the world’s first artificially intelligent pottery!

It is a ware!

If an AI simulation of a pop singer performs all over the world …

Does that mean she passes the touring test?

How did the young computer geek refer to his AI-based girlfriend?

His “Databae”.

AI will never take away my job.

Only an idiot would do my job.

Jokes About Artificial Intelligence

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