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Funny Fireworks Jokes

What do fireworks drink?

Sparkling water.

I tried to trade a deer for fireworks.

I want the best bang for my buck.

My dad told me that when he dies, he wants his ashes to be made into fireworks so he can go out with a bang.

I said, “Ok, boomer.”

A police officer caught two kids playing with a firework and a car battery.

He charged one and let the other one off.

The good news about making defective fireworks…

Is that nobody points the finger at you.

This is ridiculous. It’s July 6th and people are still setting off fireworks.

One almost caught our Christmas decorations on fire.

Last year I took a visual design class and our final exam was to design a fireworks display.

I passed with flying colors.

What is a pirate’s favorite firework?


Paddy’s firework party was a complete disaster.

“I don’t understand it!” He said. “They all worked fine when I tried them yesterday.”

Why are fireworks so cool?

It’s because they’re lit.

Why don’t they have fireworks at Euro Disney?

Because every time they shoot them off, the French try to surrender.

My dad asked me, “Do you know why our neighbour’s house burned down?”

Me: Fireworks?

Dad: Yeah. Sadly it does.

We were driving past the “Fireworks Superstore” when my wife exclaimed, “Wow that place is huge.”

I replied, “Yeah, you just can’t hold a candle to that place.”

Did you like the fireworks?

Yeah, they were a blast.

Everyone has the 4th of July off except fire.

Fireworks on the 4th of July.

I was walking through a shop and I saw a sign that said: “Fireworks”.

I thought, “Yes it does, especially if you want to burn stuff.”

What did the campers say after the fireworks went haywire?

That was intense.

How do you know if you’ve bought good fireworks?

When the guy running the store gives you a high four.

I don’t know about your feelings on fireworks…

But they really brighten up my night.

What did the lightning say to the fireworks?

Hey! You stole my thunder.

I brought my Hispanic friend to the Fourth of July Fireworks.

We were stuck in a huge crowd.

I said, “Jose can you see?” and everyone started singing the Star Spangled Banner.

Selling fireworks around the 4th of July must be a really…

Booming industry.

What do you call a duck that loves fireworks?

A firequacker.

At our town’s 4th of July fireworks show, a vendor was selling pet turtles.

My wife, impulsive animal lover that she is, bought one.

After the fireworks, we were gathering up our things to leave.

She asked if her new turtle was OK.

I picked up its little carrier, peered inside, and said, “It looks a little shell-shocked.”

I went to a fireworks store yesterday looking for a deal.

I was blown away.

What do you call a firework that’s not very impressive?

Ok boomer.

July 4th PSA: On one hand fireworks are a lot of fun.

On the other hand I only have 2 fingers.

What do you get when you cross a tyrannosaurus rex with fireworks?


A guy from Jersey bought a search engine and some fireworks.

He bought-a-bing and bought-a-boom.

What do baseball pitchers and TSA agents have in common?

Fireworks go off in the sky if they do their job incorrectly.

I watched a great fireworks show tonight.

Through the phone of the idiot in front of me.

Jokes About Fireworks

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