The best and most funny animal jokesFunny Animal Jokes

There's a huge variety of animals in the world, which is great news for laughter lovers because it means there's also a huge number of funny animal jokes and puns too!

And we consider it our duty here at LaffGaff to devote ourselves to gathering them all together for you.

So we hope you enjoy this menagerie of funny animal jokes...

Animal Jokes Pages

A collection of funny cat jokes and puns

These hilarious cat jokes and puns will have you purring with delight and feline great!

A page of hilarious chicken jokes and puns

We've hen-thusiastically laid out all our favorite chicken jokes in this eggs-cellent collection!

Hilarious cow jokes and puns

Holy cow! These cow jokes are udderly brilliant - milk them for all they're worth!

A collection of funny dog jokes and puns

You'd have to be barking mad not to find these hilarious dog jokes funny.

A page of funny fish jokes and fishing jokes

We think you'll fall for these funny fishing & fish jokes hook, line and sinker.

A selection of hilarious frog jokes and puns

These funny frog jokes are toad-ally awesome! So hop to it and check them out!

A collection of funny horse jokes and puns

It would be most un-neigh-borly of us not to tell you about these funny horse jokes.

A selection of funny kangaroo jokes and puns

If you wallaby a comedian, then you'd better hop to it and study these funny kangaroo jokes!

A page of funny owl jokes and owl puns

Here's a fantastic collection of wise-cracking owl jokes and puns!

A selection of funny pig jokes and puns

There's no ham-fisted attempts at funny pig jokes here - we're hogging all the best ones!

A collection of funny shark jokes and puns

Some-fin tells us you're going to like these jaws-ome shark jokes and puns!

A collection of funny squirrel jokes and puns

You'd have to be nuts not to laugh at these funny squirrel jokes and puns!

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