20+ Funny Worm Jokes To Make You Wriggle With Laughter!

I went on an all inclusive fishing trip and the worm fell off my hook.

Do you think I can get a rebait?

What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple?

Finding half of a worm.

I’m not a fan of creatures like worms and snakes that have no feet.

I’m lack toes intolerant.

I just watched two silk worms having a race.

It ended in a tie.

What was the bird doing in the library?

Looking for book worms.

What does a tapeworm have in common with the Eiffel Tower?

They’re both Paris sites.

Why did the two worms fall in love?

They were soil mates.

What’s a worm’s favourite type of chewing gum?


Why’s it good to visit worms?

They always give you a worm welcome.

I was supposed to be looking after my brother’s creepy crawlies.

But I wormed my way out of it.

Why did the worms have to leave their apple when they boarded Noah’s Ark?

They were told to go in pears.

Why did archaeopteryx catch the worm?

It was an early bird.

Why are worms so great to hang out with?

They’re really down to earth.

What do worms write on?

Compost it notes.

A friend of mine lost his job at a fishing supplies company.

He opened a whole can of worms.

Why did Noah have so much difficulty fishing on the ark?

He only brought two worms.

Did you hear about the worm who got addicted to fishing?

It was hooked.

What do you call a fat worm?

A girth-worm.

What do you call a funny worm?

A mirth-worm.

What do you call a worm that’s not cool?

A warm.

What did the insect scientist discover?

Global worming.

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