Zebra Jokes And Puns

We thought we’d earn our stripes by bringing you these funny zebra jokes and puns. No horsing around here – these are truly funny jokes!

Funny Zebra Jokes

Why do zebras have stripes?

Because they don’t want to be spotted.

What side does a zebra have the most stripes on?

The outside.

A leopard tried to sneak out of his enclosure by pretending to be a zebra.

But he was spotted.

What’s black, white and red all over?

The slowest zebra in the herd.

Why is it so difficult to sell a toy zebra?

You can never find the barcode.

What’s black and white and eats like a horse?

A zebra.

What animal do French women wear to give them support?


Who would win in a fight between a kangaroo and a zebra?

The zebra. Because he has so many black belts.

How do you find zebra?

Look under zeshirt.

What do zebras have that no other animal have?

Baby zebras.

What do the penguins get for their lunch at the zoo?

Half an hour, same as the zebras.

Which animal is the oldest?

Zebras, because they are still in black and white.

What goes black, white, black, white, black, white, red?

Half a zebra.

Zebra 1 asks, “Hey, do you think I’m white with black stripes or black with white stripes?”

Zebra 2 responds, “I don’t know, why don’t you go ask God?”

So, zebra 1 goes to God and asks him if he’s white with black stripes or black with white stripes, to which God responds, “You are what you are.”

Later, zebra 1 returns to the field and zebra 2 asks, “So, what are you?”

Zebra 1 says, “I’m white with black stripes.”

Zebra 2, looking confused, asks, “How do you know?”

Zebra 1 says, “Because if I was black with white stripes, God would have said, “You is what you is.””

Two male zebras in the zoo started making rap-music.

They’re called the Zbruhs.

I saw a guy trying to cross a really busy street.

Trying to be helpful, I said, “You know, there is a zebra crossing 50 feet ahead.”

He said, “I hope he’s having a better luck than I am.”

Why didn’t the donkey cross the road?

Because he saw what happened to the zebra.

What did the blonde name her pet zebra?


What do you do when you are riding on the back of a zebra, right next to a camel, and a lion won’t stop chasing you?

Get off the carousel. You’re drunk.

As a reward for winning a race, a young stallion was put in a compound with a beautiful female zebra.

As the next day dawned, the keeper ran to see how the stallion had made out and was chagrined to see him leaning up against a tree.

His mane was disheveled, his body covered in welts from angry hooves, and he had two giant black eyes.

Astounded, the keeper asked what had happened.

The stallion said, “I spent the whole night trying to take off her pajamas.”

Please help me find my lost horse, Black Beauty.

The horse was last seen near the white fence I was repainting. Side note, is anyone missing a zebra?

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