Llama Puns & Jokes

I’m so sure you’ll love these hilarious llama puns and jokes that if you don’t, alpaca my bags and leave, no probllama!


A selection of hilarious llama puns and jokes

37 Hilarious Llama Puns & Jokes

What did the llama say when the other llama asked if they wanted to go on holiday?

Alpaca suitcase.

What’s a llama’s favorite drink?


Why didn’t the border guard allow the llama to enter the country?

His llama phobia.

What do llamas always say when they introduce themselves?

“Fleeced to meet you.”

What do llamas always reply when you thank them?

No probllama.

What do llamas call the end of the world?


Who’s a llama’s favorite actor?

Al Pacacino.

How do llamas say “Merry Christmas” in Spanish?

Fleece Navidad.

What’s a llama’s favorite song?

Llama Chameleon.

What do you call a stampeding herd of llamas?

The alpacalypse.

What did the llama say when he found out he had been robbed?

“I’ve been fleeced!”

Did you know that there are 3 ways to spell the word llama and they all have very distinct meanings?

A one “L” lama is a Tibetan priest.

A two “L” llama is a pack animal native to Peru.

A Three “L” llama is a big-a Italian-a FIRE-A!

What do llamas always say after yoga class?


What sound does a llama’s doorbell make?


What did the llama say to the grass?

“Nice gnawing you!”

Who’s a llama’s favorite U.S. president?

Barack Ollama.

What do you call a secret group of llamas?

The i-llama-nati.

What did the llama get when he graduated school?

A dipllama.

What did the llama say when he was invited to the picnic?

Alpaca lunch.

Who’s a llama’s favorite composer?

Wolfgang Llamadeus Mozart.

What do you get if you stand between two llamas?


Who’s a llama’s favorite American president?

Barack Ollama.

What’s a llama’s favorite movie?

Alpacalypse Now.

Where do llamas go on vacation?


What do llamas say when you tell them something obvious?

“No spit, Sherlock.”

What do llamas do when they eat outside together?

They have an alpacanic.

Who’s a llama’s favorite pop singer?

Llama Del Ray.

Who was the most infamous terrorist in llama history?

Osama Bin Llama.

What do you get when you cross a tortoise and a llama?

A turtle-neck sweater.

Why don’t llamas like singing with backing music?

They prefer to sing alpacapella.

Llama know if you don’t like these puns and alpaca my suitcase and leave!

I tried to phone the spiritual leader of Tibet once, but I was sent a big goat with a long neck instead.

I must have phoned Dial-a-Llama by mistake.

Who is a llama’s favorite rapper?

Kendrick Llama.

When llamas took over the world…

The result was alpacalyptic.

Where do Muslim llamas come from?


What did the llama see when it looked in the mirror?

A spitting image.

What do you call getting squeezed by two llamas?

Getting llaminated.

Alpaca & Llama Puns & Jokes

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