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These eel jokes and puns are shockingly funny and we guarantee you’ll fall in love with them – after all, that’s a moray!

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Funny Eel Jokes

Why don’t you breed an eel with an eagle?

It’s eeleagle.

How can you tell what kind of eel you’re looking at?

Well, if the moon hits its eye like a big pizza pie, it’s a moray.

I had a dream last night that I knighted an electric fish…

It was sir eel.

What did the Italian diver say when he saw the big eel?

“That’s a moray!”

I identify as an elongated fish.

People say I’m mentally eel.

Dad, how do I catch electric eels?

Dad: Easy, you just throw a click bait into the water.

Son: Got it. What’s next?

Dad: What happens next will shock you!

An alligator asked an electric eel, “Hey, can I touch you?”

Electric eel: Yes, but I’d have to charge you.

When you’re down by the sea, and an eel bites your knee…

That’s a moray.

I sell electric eels and spiny eels at the local pet store.

The electric eels cost fifty dollars each, but the spiny eels are free of charge.

I shouldn’t have eaten that leftover sushi.

I’m feeling a bit eel.

Told the doctor that I have this eel that keeps bursting out of my back and crying.

He prescribed me some anti-BackTearyEel lotion to take care of it.

Did you know FDR had a naked sea snake as a White House pet?

He called it the nude eel.

Why did the moray have to go to the doctor?

Because he was feeling pretty eel.

So the flounder was chatting with his eel friend and asked, “Have you heard about the new twin squid?”

And the eel replied, “Yeah, I heard they were totally i-tentacle!”

A power plant blew up near my local aquarium and I had to be the one to tell my boss about the mutated eels.

After I gathered all my courage, I said to him, “Sir, the eels have fur all over them and are humanoid too!”

My boss looked so surprised, and was silent for a minute or two.

Finally, he asked me, “Fur-eel man?”

Can you eat an electric eel?

Yes, and it’s shocking how tasty it can be.

Electric eels don’t get depressed.

They always remain positive.

What do clown fish think of moray eels?

They consider them anemone.

What do you call an eel in two relationships?

A polyamoray.

Who did the fish call when he wanted to buy a house?

An eel estate agent.

I went to a football game played by eels.

The atmosphere was electric.

What do you call a sea snake with an addiction to deodorant?

Eel on musk.

What’s an eel’s favorite song?

“That’s Amore”.

Which two fish do you need to make a shoe?

Sole and eel.

Next time you eat sushi, try the electric eel.

It’s shockingly delicious.

A group of eels are chilling in the river when a full tuxedo comes drifting downstream.

Danny, the leader of the bunch, turns to his three pals.

“Hey guys, now’s our chance!”

“Yeah!” says Tommy, “Let’s go get drunk!”

So Tommy threads himself through the pants of the tux in a U shape, forming a nice looking pair of legs.

Ed and Heath twine together with their heads poking out of the sleeves, looking like a pretty convincing torso.

Danny wraps his head around all three of his buddies, and pokes his head out of the top.

After a little bit of practice on a muddy bank by the river, the boys have it down pat.

The creature walks with a bit of a wobble, but after a few minutes they can manage a pretty convincing strut.

“Let’s go!” they all cry.

The quartet flop their way up from the river, like some sort of slimy Frankenstein’s monster, to the nearest liquor store.

Tommy, like a champ, never complains once about being at the bottom.

They peruse the aisles for a few minutes before Ed and Heath both grab a six-pack in their mouths and head for the counter.

They drop the six packs in front of the bored-looking clerk and Danny, as the head, says, “How much do I owe you, boss?”

The clerk stares at the sodden character in front of him with a look of supreme disdain, then turns to his friend packing shelves and says…

“Is this guy four eels?”

I didn’t believe my wife when she could make a delicious dinner out of an electric eel.

But when I tried it, I was shocked!

I’m in love with a very special eel.

It’s a moray.

What do electric eels like to swim in?

Fresh watter.

What’s the difference between an eel and a lawyer?

One’s an ugly, slimy, scaly, cold blooded parasitic bottom-feeder.

And the other is a fish that’s shaped like a snake.

What kind of eels can travel on land?


Why did the eel go to jail?

He was gill-ty as charged.

Jokes About Eels

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