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We’ve rammed as many funny ram jokes and puns we could into this page, just for ewe! So don’t be sheepish – go ahead and enjoy them!

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Funny Ram Jokes

A head chef of a famous restaurant brought in three sheep named A, B and C.

The head chef put a pumpkin on A and said to the sous chef, “If you put a pumpkin on A, it does nothing.”

Again, the same thing happened with B. Nothing.

But when the head chef puts the pumpkin on C, it suddenly stood on its hind legs, went to the kitchen, and started cooking a gourmet meal while cursing at the kitchen staff.

Now the head chef calmly turned to the sous chef and said, “Now do you see what happens when you put a gourd on ram C in the kitchen?”

Which animal has the most memory?

The ram.

What do you call a goat that works at a bakery?

A battering ram.

I just lost a lot of money to a con-artist.

He had this great pitch about investing in an innovative company that could identify male sheep by their urine.

Turns out it was a pee-ram-id scheme.

How much memory does a mountain goat have?

About 4 legs of RAM.

My sheep-powered computer was starting to run slowly.

So I added more ram.

A goat came out of nowhere and headbutted me.

It was a ram-done act of violence.

What’s a ram’s favorite letter?

Double ewe.

The sheep were slow to eat my lawn today.

It turns out I just needed more ram.

What’s a ram’s favorite Christmas song?

All I Want for Christmas is Ewe.

Why did the ram go over the cliff?

Because he didn’t see the ewe turn.

I wanted to play Goat Simulator.

But my PC doesn’t have enough RAM.

I couldn’t figure out why a male sheep is called a ram.

Then it hit me.

What do you call it when a shepherd can’t find his ram?

Memory loss.

How do you get a sheep into a box?

You just ram it in there.

What did the ram say to the female sheep that didn’t answer his call?

Will you pick up when I’m calling ewe?

What does a car do when a ram is running towards it?


What did the ram say as his lover lay on her deathbed?

There will never be another ewe.

Where does an angry goat write down its problems?

On the ram-page.

When there’s a rack of lamb, there is not a lack of ram.

What does the IT sheep tell its clients?

Ewe need more RAM.

Do androids dream of electric sheep?

Yes, but it takes a lot of ram.

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