Mole Jokes And Puns

We’ve dug up this collection of mole-nly the best funny mole jokes and puns just for you! There’s lots of them – after all, the mole the merrier!

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Funny Mole Jokes And Puns

What do you see when you look down a mole hole?


What do you call a mole that doesn’t feel pain?

A paracetamole.

How do moles change the channel on their TVs?

They use the re-mole control.

Why do moles like large parties?

The mole the merrier.

How do moles keep in touch?

By e-mole.

Three moles are digging their way out of prison.

The first mole says, “I can smell the clean air and grass! We’re almost there!”

The second mole says, “I can smell the fresh wet dirt! We’re almost there!”

The third mole says, “Really? All I can smell is molasses.”

Doctor! Doctor! I’m really concerned about this mole on my shoulder!

Doctor: I’m a dermatologist, not a veterinarian.

I had to go and get a mole removed from my shoulder today.

I’ve no idea how he got up there.

Wasted 4 hours in the ER this morning getting a mole checked out.

Apparently they all look the same and I should have left it in the yard.

What do you get when you play Whack-a-Mole with avocados?


Where do famous moles go to live?

Beverley Holes.

My garden has been totally destroyed by moles.

It looks like a de-mole-ition site.

What’s the CIA’s favourite game?


Who is a mole’s favorite composer?


How do you stop a mole from digging holes in your lawn?

Take away his shovel.

What animal has exactly 12 grams of carbon?

A mole.

What is a mole’s favorite type of music?

Rock ‘n’ mole.

What’s the most popular arcade game in Mexico?

Guac – a – mole.

Did you hear about the mole who won the lottery?

She’s now a multi mole-ionaire.

What do a mole and an eagle have in common?

They both live underground. Except for the eagle.

What kind of test do student moles like best?

Mole-tiple choice.

Why is it bad to tell mole jokes?

It’s mole-itically incorrect.

Jokes About Moles

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