Collections of funny jokes about peopleJokes About People

Jokes about people are great as long as they're just harmless fun and aren't symptoms of any underlying bigotry.

And these collections of people jokes are all meant, as the UK comedian Kenny Everett used to say, "in the best possible taste", with no offence intended.

So enjoy them!

People Jokes

A selection of funny fat jokes and one liners

There's nothing slim about this huge collection of funny fat jokes and one liners!

A collection of ginger jokes and redhead jokes

Don't get hot-headed at these funny ginger and redhead jokes, they're only meant in jest!

A selection of funny Hitler jokes and puns

Want funny Hitler jokes? Look no Fuhrer than these Hitler-ious jokes and puns!

A collection of funny short person jokes

Here's a bumper collection of short people jokes to dwarf any others you'll find anywhere else.

A collection of funny redneck jokes

We proudly present our huge collection of the very best funny redneck jokes.

A collection of funny Chuck Norris jokes

We guarantee even the great man himself would crack when faced with these hilariously funny Chuck Norris jokes!

A collection of funny feminist jokes

You might think feminist jokes would be offensive. But we're all for equality, and that means everyone should be laughed at equally!

A collection of funny vegan jokes and vegetarian jokes

These funny vegan jokes and puns are meant in the best possible taste. We hope they appeal to your sense of hummus!

A collection of funny dyslexic jokes

Most dyslexics are intelligent and more creative and innovative than others, and so dyslexic jokes don't make sense. That said, they're still funny!

A collection of funny Trump jokes

Whatever you think of Donald Trump, he's certainly livened up the American political scene. And we also get to laugh at these funny Donald Trump jokes!

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