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We thought there’d be hell toupee if we didn’t bring you these funny wig jokes and puns! Take your time combing through them – they’re hair-raisingly funny!

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Funny Wig Jokes

I thought my dad spent all his savings on an expensive wig.

But one look and I realised it was a small price toupee.

Not everyone looks good with a wig.

But I think you could really pull it off.

Someone just robbed the local wig store.

The police are combing the area.

My girlfriend caught me trying to stick a tiny blonde wig and a guitar onto a wasp.

She pleaded, “Don’t do that! You’ll make him Sting!”

What’s the best thing about free wigs?

You don’t have toupee for them.

When my great-grandad went bald, he built a machine to weave himself a wig out of yarn.

He then gave it to my grandad, who then gave it to my dad – and one day, it will be mine.

It’s our family hair loom.

I went to a Christening where the priest was wearing glasses, a fake nose, fake moustache and a wig.

It was a blessing in disguise.

Some people think the cost of wigs is too high.

Personally, I think it’s a fair price toupee.

What did the wig say to the head?

I got you covered.

James Bond gets called into M’s office.

M: I have a job for you. You will have to disguise yourself as a blond businessman called John Smith.

Bond: But I have dark hair! Do you expect me to wear a wig or something?!

M: No mister Bond, I expect you to dye.

A bald man got a great deal on a wig today – only $1!

It was a small price toupee.

What do you call it when you have proof that you bought a wig?

A receipting hairline.

What do you call a blonde in a brunette wig?

Artificial intelligence.

Why should you never buy a Spanish wig?

If you do, there will be El Toupee.

When Beethoven was asked to wear a wig…

It fell on deaf ears.

A worker tells his boss about a great idea.

The boss says, “Let me think about it,” then pulls a bad 80’s wig from his desk and puts it on.

The worker asks, “What’s that for?”

The boss says, “I need to mull-it over…”

A large truck transporting wigs and toupees has crashed on a major highway sending its cargo everywhere.

Police are still combing the area.

Did you hear about the wig heist in broad daylight?

That was a pretty bald move.

I stole a wig.

I just didn’t want toupee for it.

What do you call a bad wig shop?

Hell Toupee.

My sister said I looked like a German composer and musician of the Baroque period, especially when wearing my powdered wig.

So I changed everything and it changed my life!

I haven’t looked Bach since!

Why was the bird wearing a wig?

Because it was a bald eagle.

I got kicked out of the wig shop because I didn’t want toupee.

An old woman walks into a bank.

The bank was the most reputed one in the small town.

Clerk: “May I help you madam?”

Woman:”I want to open an account and deposit $1,000,000.”

Since it was a lot of money, the clerk sent the woman to the manager’s office.

Manager: “Please don’t mind my asking but how do you happen to have such a large sum of money.”

Woman: “I win bets, for a living.”

Manager: “I am confused.”

Woman: “I can bet that you are actually bald and wearing a wig.”

Manager(thinking that she is mad): “Well this is real hair, you may check it yourself.”

Woman: “How about a bet of a thousand bucks? Tomorrow I will come with my lawyer and check your hair.”

The manager, thinking that he would surely win, nodded.

The next day the woman walked in with a lawyer.

The manager said he was ready and the woman began pulling his hair.

Seeing this the lawyer fainted.

The manager cried, “What happened to him?”

Woman: “Nothing, I bet with him that I could pull the hair of the manager of this town’s most reputed bank and he would let me do so. Poor guy just lost half a million dollars.”

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