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Funny Tattoo Jokes

Me: See? To prove I’m not a boring house dad I went and got a tattoo!

Her: Oh, cool! It’s.. uh?

Me: (proudly) It’s my thermos! From work!

Her: (reaching towards me) Well, uh, the line work is certainly…

Me: (slaps hand away) Don’t touch the thermos tat.

People always ask where I got my incredibly detailed tattoo done, but they never believe me when I tell them Spain.

Nobody expects the Spanish ink precision.

I’m bald and I’m going to get a head tattoo of multiple rabbits.

So from a distance it looks like hares.

Yesterday I went to a temporary tattoo parlor to get a tattoo.

After it wouldn’t wash off this morning I went back to complain, but the tattoo parlor wasn’t there.

My wife has a whale tattooed on her butt.

It used to be a dolphin.

My dad always said, “Find a girl with an embarrassing tattoo and try to convince her to marry you.”

“She knows how to make bad decisions and stick by them.”

A guy with flame tattoo sleeves walks into a building.

Security stops him and says, “There are no firearms allowed in this building.”

I am going to get a tattoo on my wrist that says “Terror”.

Then I can say to people, “Hey look, it’s a terror wrist.”

My son got tattoos of a heart, club, diamond and spade, all without my permission.

I might have to deal with him later.

I asked my wife whether I should get another tattoo, and she said that if I do, I should get it in a place that doesn’t matter.

So I’m planning to get one in Oklahoma.

What do you call a yeti tattoo on your stomach?

Abdominal snowman.

My buddy went to get a tattoo of an Indian on his back.

Half way through he said, “Don’t forget to put a big tomahawk in his hand.”

The tattooist said, “Hang on pal, I’ve only just finished his turban.”

I got my tattoo artist to write “Tattoo artists are stupid” on my back.

I thought I got him pretty good until I realized the joke was on me.

First I got a tattoo on my cervical that said “5”.

Next, I got one on my thoracic that said “4”.

Then, I got one on my lumbar that said “3”.

After that, I got one on my Sacrum that said 2″.

And now, I.m getting one on my Coccyx that says “1”.

It’s the spinal countdown.

I got a prison tattoo of mitochondria.

Now I truly am the powerhouse of the cell.

What do you call a beautiful woman on the arm of a banjo player?

A tattoo.

My girlfriend said she was going to get a massive tattoo of a snake on her back.

“Do it,” I said. “But it might hurt you.”

“I know,” she replied. “But it’s only a needle.”

“No,” I said. “I mean being single.”

What do you call it when someone gets their whole face tattooed?

An everlasting job stopper.

I’m getting a tattoo of an elephant on my ear.

The only reason I’m doing this is so when people ask me, “Why do you have a tattoo of an elephant on your ear?”

I can say “Don’t worry about it. It’s ear elephant.”

I was approved to borrow money, but then the bank found out I want to be a rapper with face tattoos.

Now they won’t post m’loan.

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