Mullet Jokes And Puns

We had to mullet over because it was a hairy situation, but we eventually decided to bring you these funny mullet jokes and puns because they’re a cut above the rest!

Funny Mullet Jokes

Three months without a haircut, my hair has gotten so long I’ve been brushing it straight back to disguise its length. Today my wife asked, “Are you ever going to get a haircut?” I replied, “I’ll mullet over.”

What do you call a woman with a mullet? A mullette.

How do you decide what haircut to get? You mullet over.

I went to a redneck barbers today. I sat down in the chair then quickly changed my mind, got up and walked away. I think I may have dodged a mullet on this one.

I’m thinking of changing hairstyles. I’d better take some time to mullet over first.

How do you kill a redneck vampire? A silver mullet.

What did the redneck say when his wife begged him to sell his boat and cut his hair? Let me mullet over.

What’s a redneck’s favorite winter drink? Mullet wine.

What haircut did the Texan barber recommend when asked? He couldn’t think of anything, and said, “I’ll mullet over.”

What did the smart caveman say when the barber asked why he didn’t like his last haircut? Mullet over.

Donald Trump’s advisers worry he could lose support from his base, so they suggested he change his hairstyle to better connect with white, rural voters. He’s going to mullet over.

What do 80s people do when they need to think about something? They mullet over for a minute.

A man with a mullet walks into a bar. The bartender says, “The party’s in the back.”

I can’t believe how rapidly I went from having a complete and impressive mullet to being bald. Hair today, gone tomorrow.

I want to start a trivia game show for rednecks where wrong answers cost them their hair. I’ll call it “Mullet Over”.

My friend told me that my herb garden looks like a mullet. I keep the basil in the front and the parsley in the back.

What do you call a Scot with a bad hair cut? Mullet of Kintyre.

Someone suggested I should grow my hair down the back of my head. I wasn’t keen on the idea, but I told them I’d mullet over.

My girlfriend said she was gonna cut her hair in a mullet. I hate mullets and I told her if she did I was gonna grow a rat-tail as payback. She said, “You can’t!” I said, “I will!” She replied, “But that’s rat-tail-iation!”

What did the smart caveman say when the barber asked why he didn’t like his last haircut? Mullet over.

A barber just told me I should go for a business in the front, party in the back style. I told him I’d mullet over.

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