Funny Work Jokes

Many of us hate work, or at least hate our current jobs. The poet Philip Larkin summed it up in his poem Toads when he wrote:

Why should I let the toad work
Squat on my life?

We always try and face things with a smile here at LaffGaff though, and see the funny side of things.

And so here are some funny work jokes for you.

A selection of funny work jokes

Work Jokes

Business Jokes

Humor is a great way to get through the boring days in work, especially business jokes that make you see the funny side of the world of work.

Electrical & Electrician Jokes

Which bright spark came up with these electrical and electrician jokes? They’re guaranteed to make you laugh until it Hertz!

Office Jokes

Funny office jokes can lighten the drudgery of our daily work lives. It’s accrual world sometimes, but these workplace jokes will help to chair you up.

Retirement Jokes

Old age is a funny thing and there’s plenty of humor to be found in it, as shown by this hilarious collection of funny retirement jokes.

Firefighter Jokes

We feel a burning need to share these funny firefighter jokes with you. That’s because they’re so hot!

Truck Driver Jokes

Truckers provide an essential service for society, but that doesn’t mean we can’t laugh at them! Enjoy our collection of funny truck driver jokes.

Construction Worker Jokes

We’ve built (see what we did there?) a page of only the funniest construction jokes and one liners for you to enjoy.

Realtor Jokes

If you’re looking for real estate jokes, then this collection is sure to bring you closure! We’ve got lots of them!

Welder Jokes

As the saying goes, a good welder can weld anything from the crack of dawn to a broken heart! Here’s some funny welder jokes.

Call Center Jokes

Here’s a collection of our favorite funny call center jokes. See if any of them ring a bell!

Farmer Jokes

Make hay while the sun shines with this hilarious collection of farm and farmer jokes!

Lawyer Jokes

Funny lawyer jokes never lose their appeal! People are always on their case. Maybe that’s because lawyers are held in contempt.

Dentist Jokes

Brace yourself and get your teeth into these great dental jokes and puns! Nothing will be flossed in translation with these funny jokes!

Nursing Jokes

Nursing jokes and puns are so humerus! They’re definitely not Tachy though.

More Fun And Laughter

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