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You’ll just have to come to terms with Y we’ve brought you these funny algebra jokes and puns! They’re X-actly what you need to make you laugh and there’s nothing variable about their quality!

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Funny Algebra Jokes

What did 2n+1 say to 2n?

I literally can’t even.

Algebra was the easiest subject to learn in Ancient Rome.

Because x was always 10.

I was ok with algebra, geometry, and trigonometry when I was in high school.

But I reached my limit with calculus.

I will never date a girl who doesn’t understand algebra jokes.

That’s why my x is no longer in the equation.

Why did the feminist fail algebra?

She couldn’t solve inequalities.

Relationships are a lot like algebra.

You look at your X and wonder Y.

I’ll do algebra, I’ll put up with calculus …

But graphing is where I draw the line.

Dear algebra,

Please stop asking us to find your x.

She’s never coming back, and don’t ask y.

Why did the atheist fail algebra?

He didn’t believe in higher powers.

What did the little mermaid buy from the lingerie store?


The student asked his algebra teacher, “When am I ever gonna use this?”

The teacher replied, “Well you won’t, but one of the smart kids might.”

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve used algebra in my life.

I’d have n dollars.

What do female variables wear?


I have done a total of 3,167 Algebra II problems in my life.

I know because I keep a log.

What do you call an algebra teacher that does magic on the side?

A math-magician.

I got in trouble in algebra class today and had to stay after class for detention.

I didn’t enjoy the aftermath.

What’s a ghost‘s favorite math subject?

Boo-lean algebra.

My geometry teacher said that he had to take linear algebra in college.

He said it was difficult but it sounds pretty straightforward.

A student brought a slingshot to algebra class and fired gum at the professor.

It was a weapon of math disruption.

Algebra the Great was the king of Mathedonia.

My son asked me if he should take algebra, and I said it was a difficult question to answer.

There are just too many variables involved.

Pirates love algebra

Because X marks the spot.

What do the Backstreet Boys and algebra teachers have in common?

They both want you to tell them Y.

I don’t trust freshmen algebra atudents.

They’re always plotting something.

Algebra jokes are too formulaic.

Algebra walks into a bar, orders a drink and sits at the bar alone.

The bartender sees him sending multiple texts while constantly looking at the door.

Finally the bartender asks, “Looking for someone?”

Algebra responds, “Yeah, I’m trying to find my x.”

Why are algebra textbooks so sad?

They have a lot of problems.

I hope they never ban algebra.

Think of the aftermath!

Why did young Ewan McGregor refuse to do algebra homework?

Only a Sith deals in absolutes.

My old girlfriend wanted me to do her college algebra homework for her.

But frankly, I didn’t want to solve for ex.

Jokes About Algebra

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