Math Puns

We’ve published our fantastic math jokes before, but we find math humor so add-ictive we thought we’d bring you another page packed full of funny math puns too.

Like a circle, they’re certainly not pointless; in fact they’re hilarious and definitely not derivative!

So enjoy!

A selection of hilarious math puns - definitely addictive and nothing derivative here!

Why do math teachers make good dancers?

Because they have algorithm.

Math puns are the first sine of madness.

Without geometry, life is pointless.

If a male mathematician sunbathes outside a lot, are they a real tan gent?

What did the mermaid wear to math class?

An algae-bra.

I got thrown out of math class for one too many infractions.

Mathematicians are sum worshippers.

I did so much geometry study today that I’m exhausted.

I’m all out of shape.

I knew a mathematician who couldn’t afford lunch.

He could binomial.

Did you now that mathematicians are always reluctant to cosine a loan?

How do deaf mathematicians communicate?

Through sine language.

Old mathematicians never die. They just disintegrate.

Why did the mathematician work at home?

Because he could only function in his domain.

Finding area is an integral part of calculus.

Did you hear what happened to the mathematician who couldn’t stop adding up, until it finally all got too much for him?

He had an incremental breakdown.

I used to hate math until I realised that decimals have a point.

Why is advanced geometry class boring?

Because it’s full of squares.

What did the arrogant math teacher do when he was wrong?

He ate a slice of humble pi.

When math teachers retire, how do they cope with the aftermath?

I’m struggling in math class. It just feels like we’re going in circles.

Why should you wear glasses during math class?

It improves division.

What do organic mathematicians throw on their fire?

Natural logs.

I don’t really like math, but I’m partial to fractions.

I tried studying negative numbers but I became nonplussed.

What happens to mathematicians who don’t practise safe sex?

They get binarial disease.

I read a math book the other day.

To be honest, I thought a lot of it was rather derivative.

Can bad mathematicians not count on their friends?

I should never have become a math teacher.

It was a miscalculated move.

Why will we never run out of math teachers?

Because they always multiply.

Math Puns

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