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20 Funny Science Jokes

Before The Big Bang

At the end of my physics lecture, I asked my professor, “Can you tell me what happened before The Big Bang?”

He replied, “Sorry. No time.”

Poor Resistor

What do you call a resistor that can’t afford rent?


Lost Electron

An atom lost an electron.

It said, “Man, I really ought to keep an ion them.”

I Don’t Like Them

I don’t like computer science jokes.

Not one bit.

Chernobyl Visits

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been to Chernobyl.

It’s seven.

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Schrodinger’s Cat

Schrodinger’s Cat recently went on a crime spree.

He’s wanted dead and alive.

Sodium Atoms

Sixteen Sodium atoms walk into a bar…

Followed by Batman.

Racist Scientists

What club do racist scientists join?

The Potassium Potassium Potassium.

Strange Eclipse

What kind of eclipse is it when the sun moves in front of the moon?

An Apocaclipse.


If I ever go to prison, I’m gonna change my name to mitochondria.

I want everyone to know I’m the powerhouse of the cell.

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Human Cloning

My wife said to me, “I have no idea how the science behind human cloning works.”

I said, “That makes two of us.”

Break Up

Why did the biology teacher break up with the physics teacher?

They had no chemistry.

Mix Up

My son came home from school and told me he’d mixed up the cranium and the skull on his science test.

I said, “That was a boneheaded mistake.”

Black Hole Collision

What did the black holes say when they collided?

Nothing, they just waved.

Unit Of Power

Teacher: Can anyone tell me the unit of power?

Class: Watt.



What’s the difference between USA and USB?

One connects to all of your devices and accesses the data.

The other is a hardware standard.

Chemical Attack

I was walking through the park last night when one guy threw sodium chloride on me and another guy covered me in sulphuric acid.

It was terrible. I didn’t know how to react.

Physics Book

After 20 years of working on it, I’ve finally finished my physics book.

It’s about time.

Smart Animals

Did you know that porcupines are one of the smartest animals on Earth?

Yeah, that’s right – science has proven them to be pretty sharp.

Disproved Rule

The old rule says I before E except after C.

This has been disproved by science.

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