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These funny pancake jokes and puns certainly won’t fall flat, so you’d batter hurry up and read them because they’re flipping hilarious!

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Funny Pancake Jokes

What does a panda use to make pancakes?

A pan… duh.

It’s hard to believe March 1st is already National Pancake Day!

It really crêped up on us this year didn’t it!

Wife: We just ate, why are you making pancakes?

Me: They’re for the dogs.

Wife: Why are you making pancakes for the dogs?

Me: They don’t know how.

A young man was in love with two women and could not decide which of them to marry.

Finally he went to a marriage counselor.

When asked to describe his two loves, he noted that one was a great poet and the other made delicious pancakes…

“Oh,” said the counselor. “I see what the problem is. You can’t decide whether to marry for batter or verse.”

What do you call someone who is really bad at making pancakes?

A flip-flop.

How do you get up on a horse made of pancakes?

Use the syrups.

Why was the pancake arrested?

Because he was behaving un-waffle-ly.

Why are dolphins so good at making pancakes?

They’re such good flippers.

What does the pope put on his pancakes?

Papal syrup.

Why couldn’t the pancake sleep?

He kept tossing and turning.

Did you hear about the angry pancake?

He just flipped.

I’m not sure what to do with the leftover pancake mix.

Should I throw it away or do you have a batter idea?

I had a dream last night where I was driving with one hand and flipping pancakes with the other…

I was tossing and turning all night.

Just realised it’s Pancake Day…

That crêped up on me.

What do you call a vampire who makes pancakes?

Count Spatula.

How do you hide your pancakes from your roommates?


So my wife wondered how the pancakes got into our shopping trolly.

I said maybe they crêped in there.

The use of capital letters can really change the meaning of a sentence.

For example:

I like to eat pancakes.

I like to eat capital letters.

Have you ever tried haunted pancakes?

They give me the crêpes.

A boy was feeling very nervous about his first date, so went to his father for advice.

“My son, there are three subjects that always work with women: food, family, and philosophy.”

The boy picks up his date and they stare at each other for a long time.

The boy’s nervousness builds, but he then asks:

“Do you like potato pancakes?”

“No,” comes the answer, and the silence returns like a suffocating blanket.

“Do you have a brother?”


After giving it some thought, the boy plays his last card: “If you had a brother, would he like potato pancakes?”

There were 3 moles living in a hole.

One day, they wake up to the smell of pancakes cooking.

The first mole sticks his head out of the hole and says, “I smell pancakes!”

The second mole sticks his head out of the hole and says, “I smell syrup!”

The last mole tries to stick his head out of the hole, but gets stuck behind the other two, so he said, “All I smell is molasses.”

Three rough-looking bikers stomp into a truck stop where an old-timer is having breakfast.

One of the bikers extinguishes his cigarette in the old guy’s pancakes.

The second biker spits a wad of chewing tobacco into his coffee.

The third biker dumps the whole plate onto the floor.

Without a word of protest, the old guy pays his bill and leaves.

“Not much of a man, was he?” says one of the bikers.

“Not much of a driver, either,” says the waitress. “He just backed his truck over three motorcycles.”

“I’m sorry sir, but we’ve determined you have a highly contagious, deadly virus. You’ll need to be kept in quarantine and fed a diet of pancakes.”

“Oh my, that’s horrible news, doctor. But will the pancakes really be able to help me get better?”

“No, that’s just the only thing we can slide under the door.”

A pancake, a piece of toast, and a piece of bacon walk into a bar.

They sit down and ask the bartender for a round of beers.

The bartender looks at them and says, “Get out of my bar, we don’t serve breakfast here.”

How do you make a pancake smile?

You butter him up.

Why do Jedi always burn their pancakes?

Because they won’t turn over to the dark side.

A woman goes to a restaurant and orders a pancake.

She’s in a rush and her food is taking a long time to arrive, so she asks the waiter, “Will it be long?”

The waiter replies, “Well, no, it’ll be round!”

Why are pancakes boring to talk to?

They just keep waffling.

Why couldn’t the pancake succeed as a singer?

He was too flat.

I’m making a coat out of pancakes.

I call it my flapjacket.

I snuck downstairs to make pancakes at midnight last night.

It took a couple hours and I didn’t want to wake anyone going back up.

I stuck some pancakes to my feet and crêped back up the stairs.

Why didn’t the waffle go to the pancake party?

He was a square.

What does a baseball team and pancakes have in common?

They both need a good batter.

A man is walking down the street, when suddenly he hears a cry for help.

He looks around and sees an old lady being attacked by a person wearing a hood.

He runs to her rescue, but realises all he has to protect himself is a pancake.

From a distance, he throws it at the attacker and it lands on his face, blinding him momentarily.

Confused and scared, the hooded figure quickly runs away without harming the victim.

The old lady is safe and sound, and thanks her saviour profusely.

After hearing this story, I guess you can say not all heroes wear crêpes.

How did the pancake become the king?

He u-syruped the throne.

How do cannibals eat pancakes?

They wait by tall buildings.

Why was the pancake a bad comedian?

Because his jokes fell flat.

What do cats put on their pancakes?

Mice cream.

Jokes About Pancakes

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